6 Sci-Fi and Tech Movies You Should Watch in 2021

April 1, 2021
The events of 2020 awakened in humanity that there is a possibility of fiction turning real and not in a nice way...

Pandemics, quarantines and lockdowns, only seen in Sci-Fi movies like Contagion, became a reality for a large section of humanity. The movie industry was one of the hardest hit, with many releases pushed back in a wait-and-see game. But movie lovers are happy to see things getting back to normal.

For lovers of tech and sci-fi, there is plenty in store. There will be lots of imagination about present and futuristic science and tech. From groundbreaking tech like Pointsbet App to thought projection, sci-fi and tech, movie fans can look forward to great entertainment. Here are some titles you should see this year.

The King’s Man (August 2021)

The earlier King’s Man movies had the amazing alpha gel that could repair brain damage in minutes. There were also the amazing nanites that could enter the human body to do the repairs. Closer to reality was the Insectohopter which was a tiny spy drone.

The third installment was slated for release in November 2019, but it has been pushed back several times because of an unfavourable entertainment environment courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this movie, the Kingsman agency must rush to the world’s rescue from an evil alliance of criminals and tyrants.

Chaos Walking (March 2021)

What if it was possible for everyone to see each other’s thoughts? This egregious breach of privacy is normal in a dystopian world where men walk with their thoughts projected above them. It is also a world without women. A woman crashes into this strange world, setting off a chain of interesting events.

Mortal Kombat (April, 2021)

The bloody combat video game is one of the most popular franchises, running for over 20 years. The hyper-violent game inspired two earlier movies. The latest installment is coming out this year following the massive success of Mortal Kombat 11 on the gaming side. In this movie installment, a young MMA fighter is on a quest to prove himself by taking on the finest combatants in the world. Mortal Kombat fans can expect all kinds of weapons, from crude battle axes to ice storm projections.

Free Guy (May 2021)

What would you do if you discovered that your life is not yours, but you are living in a video game? This happens to a bank teller who discovers he is a non-playing character in an open world video game. He must race to save his digital life before the game developers shut down the game.

No Time to Die (October 2021)

Spy movie fans know a James Bond flick does not disappoint when it comes to spy gadgetry. From self-driving shapeshifting vehicles to x-ray glasses, Bond is always ahead in the techy stuff. No Time to Die was to be released in April 2020 but was pushed back by more than a year. This Bond installment is expected to be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the famous spy. In the movie, Bond faces a new breed of genius criminal who seems to be ahead at every turn.

Dune (October 2021)

This movie is an adaptation of a 1965 novel by the same title. In a dystopian world, humans discover a substance that makes them superhumans with extended lives and higher mental abilities. A battle to control this substance takes shape when the mining operation is handed over to a novice. Sci-Fi fans are very excited about this movie and it is one of the most eagerly awaited this year.

What tech and sci-fi movies are on your watch list this year? Be sure to add the above titles.


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