The 5 Most Incredible Movies for Students

November 8, 2019
What’s your “guilty pleasure” as a student? Instead of studying and writing papers, what would you rather do? Many students would choose to party or socialise. But others will also choose Netflix. They feel like they must watch movies, so they can keep pace with everything new in the film industry.

Movies are not bad. In fact, they can inspire you to do well in your studies. But you should make the right choice. You’re investing valuable time in a film, so you should learn something from it.

We made a list of  movies for students that you can check out.

5 Inspirational Movies for Students

Jobs (2013)

This is one of those mandatory movies for college students who think about giving up on education and doing their own thing. Jobs did it, didn’t he? Yes; but Jobs had a brilliant idea that worked. Will yours?

This movie is important because it shows the struggles that Steve Jobs went through. It proves that it didn’t come easy for him. Although he dropped out of college, he committed to a lifetime process of learning and evolving.

College is not the problem. If you get that degree, it will only do you well. What you should do in the meantime is find your greatness. Don’t give up on your ideas. Some of them might change the world.

The Ghost Writer (2010)

You thought you were the only one hiring ghostwriters from Australian EduBirdie? You’ll feel better about yourself when you watch this movie. Politicians and celebrities do it all the time. This movie is about a ghost writer who’s working on the memoirs of a former UK Prime Minister.

It’s a great mystery that will give you the thrill you want from a movie night.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

When the book came out, it received praise from the critics. It’s a harsh story about fitting in when you don’t fit in. The movie is amazing, too.

It’s about a college freshman, who’s the biggest introvert among introverts. He develops a connection with two seniors. It’s a movie about friendship, love, and education.

Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Are you looking for a newer movie to watch? Edward Norton’s latest project is a masterpiece. His acting is out of this world.

This movie has humour, mafia, power, weakness, psychology, poverty, and money – all in one. Crime is one of the most controversial topics to write about in college assignments. You might get inspired to do some research on any of the many topics this film tackles.

The movie just came out in the States and will arrive in Australia in February, be sure to use the opportunity to watch it in theatres.

Forrest Gump (1994)

Do you feel like education is too hard and you’d do easier without it? You need to watch Forrest Gump! It used to be one of the mandatory high school movies, which teachers recommended when they wanted to inspire students. Today’s generations forgot about it, but its message is still very strong.

It’s a movie about a man without a limited intelligence. Despite his limitations, he achieves a lot in his life.

Most of all, Forrest Gump teaches you not to take your privilege for granted. You have a great chance to learn. Use it!

Did You Choose a Movie for Tonight?

Choosing a movie is not that hard. You may make a random click on Netflix and you’ll start watching something in a matter of seconds. But choosing a good movie takes some research. When you watch the right film at the right time, it may change your point of view. It will make you think about your character, your studies, and the goals you want to achieve in life.

The list above is straightforward. All these movies are great for students at high school, college, and university. Even if you watched some of them, you’ll feel good about coming back to them.


BIO: Emma Rundle loves European films and enjoys unusual books. Her quest for the most artistic movie never ends. Emma loves recommending movies to her friends, and she often blogs about her favorite choices.


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