4 Changes That Happen When a Gambling Problem Becomes an Obsession

January 18, 2020
Gambling is usually regarded in a negative light when in fact, there is really nothing wrong with the act of gambling in itself. When people do practice responsible gambling, they reap the rewards of fun and enjoyment.

However, a gambling problem usually starts when people become so engrossed in playing that they have a hard time stopping, even if they no longer have ample finances to continue playing. Thus, here are some of the changes that happen when a gambling problem already becomes an obsession.

Social Isolation

The first imminent change that often happens when a gambling problem already becomes an obsession is social isolation. More often than not, a person who is obsessed with gambling, whether it is in sports betting or playing in a casino online, encounters social isolation because of his preference to play and gamble over joining family events or going out with friends. He may even stop going to church or doing other activities that are not related to gambling.


Behavioral changes brought about by depression and anxiety is also apparent when a gambling problem turns into an obsession. A person who is addicted to gambling often has irrational mood swings that lead to depression and even self-neglect. More often than not, they have poor nutrition and sleeping habits that greatly affect their overall health and well-being. You may also notice a lack of grooming or a sloppy look, particularly because gambling is already the focal point of his life and nothing else matters.

Broken Relationships

Another notable change with a gambling problem progressing into an obsession is broken relationships. It is truly a tragedy to witness broken families and severed relationships because of gambling problems that worsened. A gambling addiction can cause separation or divorce and even child neglect. It is also noticeable that when a member of a family suffers from a gambling problem, the entire family unit is distraught. For instance, children may be left to take care of themselves because their parents are busy trying to rake in winnings.

Financial Catastrophe

Finally, people suffering from a gambling addiction are often drowning in debt, paving the way for a financial catastrophe. This is because of their urge to play even if they no longer have the personal finances to sustain their games. Thus, they resort to borrowing money that oftentimes, they are not able to pay back. There are even instances wherein they resort to illegal behaviour just to be able to finance their addiction and continue playing. Stealing is very common for people who are struggling with a gambling obsession. As a result, they often experience jail time to pay for their ruthless acts.

It can be deemed that gambling can be fun and enjoyable as long as it is responsibly played out. However, once a person already develops a severe urge to play, even if his finances no longer permit him to do so, a gambling problem will soon be noted. This is also the time when the behavioural changes become notable.

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