Three Big Slots Based on New Zealand Films

July 3, 2018
The nation of New Zealand is famed for a number of reasons. Its natural beauty and sporting achievements are chief among these, but recent developments have also allowed it to punch above its weight when it comes to music and film.

In this article, we aim to take a look at some of the best slot games which are based on New Zealand in some way, shape or form. This way, those of you playing online casino games at home might get a little taste, even indirectly, of what the land of the long white cloud has to offer.

King Kong

Not based on the original film, but the 2005 reimagining by Peter Jackson. While a worldwide success, the film was predominantly filmed in New Zealand, as is commonly the case with Peter Jackson’s projects. So, what makes these slots special? Like the film itself, this is a game with a huge emphasis on quality, especially when it comes to visuals. Incorporating actual film and stills from the movie, this game includes great reminders of the beauty of the New Zealand countryside, even if that countryside happens to be largely fictionalised.

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Probably the one which readers were most expecting, and we don’t want to let you guys down. Leaning heavily on the imagery of the film, which itself leans heavily on the beauty of the New Zealand countryside, this is an unusually restrained looking slot in some ways. More of a relaxing experience than an overtly flashy one, this slot aims to appeal more to the journey aspect of The Fellowship Of The Ring, and is exactly the sort of game we could find ourselves playing on gentle holiday downtime. Even better is that games like these and the casino websites like LeoVegas which host them can come with free spins bonuses for NZ players, which means native Kiwis can get on board and talk about “wait, is that near Taranaki?”


Okay, so we might be cheating a bit here as primary filming was not performed in New Zealand, but in terms of being a New Zealand creation, we feel this is a valid entry. Avatar, as we all know, is a film based almost entirely around its then groundbreaking and now still pretty darned good visual effects. It just so happens that the majority of these were developed in Weta Workshop, a Wellington-based visual effects business with its hands in some of the biggest films in the world. Just as with the film itself, this game comes with amazing visual design which not only stands above most of the pack, but makes us hungry for the Avatar sequels, and even the next generation of slots which they will no doubt inspire.

What do you Think?

As the New Zealand film industry continues to grow we will no doubt see a greater number of New-Zealand-based-or-inspired film slot games in the future, and this is something both natives and visitors can’t get enough of. Have we missed any big films here, what are your favourites, and what do you expect from these in the future?

Main Picture Credit: “King Kong” (CC BY 2.0) by Stew Dean

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