The New Candyman 2020: Everything You Want to Know!

September 14, 2020
As you check-out the top video streaming sites at Streamingwars this October, “The Candyman 2020” is one of the movies you shouldn’t miss. The film is brought to you by Oscar-award winner Jordan Peele, giving you a fresh take on the chilling urban legend that your friend’s older sibling might share with you over sleepover.

Directed by Nia DaCosta, the upcoming “Candyman” film is described as a spiritual sequel, making it the second reboot of a 1992 horror movie. The film was initially scheduled for release on 12th June, but in April, Universal Pictures announced that the date had been moved to 25th September, and more recently 16th October this year. However, the movie will be delayed for the third time alongside other horror features, including Halloween Kills.

New Release Dates Announced

Universal Pictures has confirmed that the Candyman release will happen in 2021. The studio didn’t give any official reason for the delay. However, it’s fair to assume that the new release date is because of the concerns currently present in the film industry about theatre resumption.

Despite the measures put in place to guarantee the safety of patrons, many still think it’s too risky for studios to unveil their big titles in theaters. The reboot stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, as a Chicago-area artist who becomes fervently interested in the local lore around the Candyman fable.

Why the Candyman is 2020’s Most important Horror Film

In the wake of BLM movements in America, director Nia DaCosta’s horror film isn’t afraid to tackle racial issues while promising a startling new look at the fabled Candyman legend. DaCosta described the movie as the intersection of black pain and white violence, meaning the film will heavily focus heavily on racial issues.

While the original movie touches on racial issues, it does it mildly, with the Candyman’s story where he’s killed for siring a child with a white woman thrown in the background. However, the Candyman reboot plans to dive deeper into the story, highlighting a violent history of racism and oppression in the US.

According to a recent teaser, the film will feature several true stories of black people killed unjustly. That includes George Stinney Jr, wrongfully convicted of killing two white girls and condemned to the electric chair in 1944. The stories run parallel to the Candyman fable, showing a systemic pattern of violence against African Americans and the resulting pain.

Despite being fictional, the Candyman story details a series of true events throughout history still causing uproar today. That includes cases like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Michael Brown. Fortunately, horror movies have always been a great way to explore subversive social issues like intimate partner violence.

Universal Pictures recently announced the movie would be R-rated due to the bloody horror, violence, and adult language. Interestingly, the studio also revealed the movie will have the title “Say My Name” in overseas markets that might not be familiar with the Candyman legend.


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