The Similarities and Enduring Relationship of the Film and Casino World in New Zealand

February 14, 2019

The entertainment industry has developed through the decades to become a major part of the global economy, with filmmaking and gambling being two specific areas which are known to generate significant levels of revenue.

However, what is perhaps less recognised is how the pair have a kind of enduring relationship, with the two industries sharing major similarities and also turning to each other now and again as they seek a little bit of inspiration.

Multimillion-dollar industries

One way in which the industries are similar is in how they are both a significant part of the economy here in New Zealand. According to figures released last year, movie production revenue in the country increased 15 per cent in 2017 to reach an overall figure of $1.1 billion. As we have already touched upon elsewhere, Wellington plays a particularly important role in this respect.

As a comparison, figures from the Department of Internal Affairs revealed that gambling expenditure in the country reached $2,334 million in 2016/17, which marked an increase of $125 million from the previous financial year. The figures also revealed that $572 million was specifically generated by casinos and another $870 million by gaming machines based outside of such establishments.

The importance of new technology

While both areas undoubtedly make significant money, another similarity between the two industries is the emphasis placed on new technological innovations. In the past couple of decades, New Zealand has been an important filming location for epic blockbusters from Lord of the Rings to James Cameron’s Avatar, with those types of films being hugely reliant on cutting edge technology and special effects to bring various aspects to life.

In recent years, the gambling industry has developed a similar reliance on new tech, with being one example of an online casino in New Zealand which offers people the chance to play a range of games from their own home. Such sites also offer innovations include slot games featuring impressive graphics and live casino games, where the action is hosted by a presenter via a video link.

Working together

One of the other interesting things about the gambling world and the film industry is how they on occasion work together or turn to each other for inspiration. For example, a host of online slot games are now based on major blockbusters, with – again – Lord of the Rings and even more recent hits like Bridesmaids and Justice League being adapted into the format.

The relationship works the other way too, with films occasionally looking to the world of casinos and gambling for inspiration. Notable examples of this of course include the many occasions that 007 himself, James Bond, has visited a glitzy casino location as well as specific films on gambling such as the Matt Damon drama Rounders.

Fascinating to watch

All of the above highlights how the worlds of gambling and film are perhaps a little more similar than you may have realised before. Furthermore, it also demonstrates how the pair have an enduring relationship and it will be fascinating to see how this continues to develop across the months and years ahead.

Main Photo:  Source: Pixabay


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