Ron Ames, producer, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power said: “On Rings of Power, we used Blackmagic Design products throughout our whole cloud based pipeline. From camera capture to exhibition, Blackmagic Design hardware and software played an integral role in streamlining the flow of image based data. We utilized the full suite of tools from image capture through editorial, VFX and final color correction.”

Some of the fall 2022 series that used Blackmagic Design cameras include:

  • Big Sky DP Ken Glassing used the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for select shots;
  • CSI: Vegas DP Christian Sebaldt used the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and the URSA Mini Pro 12K for various specialty shots;
  • Cinematographer Steve Gainer shot Life By Ella with the URSA Mini Pro 12K;
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Producer Ron Ames used Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros for a variety of witness camera, VFX plate and live stream eyeline work, as well as various converters for real time color reviews;
  • Station 19 Cinematographer Christian Sebaldt (episodes 515, 517) used the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and URSA Mini Pro 12K for various specialty shots;
  • The Game DP Darren Genet, ASC, used Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros for select shots;
  • Crafty Apes On Set Supervisor Josh Stevens used Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to capture background actor elements for Heels; and
  • Young Rock DP Judd Overton used URSA Mini Pro 12K and Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro for a variety of shots.

Some of the fall 2022 series that used Blackmagic Design for VFX include:

  • VFX Supervisors John Gross and Fred Pienkos of Muse VFX chose Fusion Studio for compositing NCIS Season 20, The Neighborhood, What We Do in the Shadows and Wolf Pack;
  • Blue Bloods VFX Supervisor Mike Warren of Filmworks/FX NY used Blackmagic Production Camera 4Ks for VFX shots, as well as DaVinci Resolve Studio within the VFX pipeline and Intensity Shuttle for playback;
  • Shaley Brooks of Iris Digital Post used Fusion Studio for light VFX work with Home Economics;
  • The End Is Nye in house VFX Supervisor Arthur Mesa and Jeremy Nelson used Fusion Studio for pre and post vis, as well as finalizing the show; and
  • Crafty Apes’ Editorial team used DaVinci Resolve Studio as part of their VFX editorial work on The Peripheral.

“The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and its high powered and nimble package has allowed us to efficiently shoot high quality images that we’ve used in countless feature and episodic projects,” said On Set Supervisor Josh Stevens of Crafty Apes. “Everything from plates for concept mockups, VFX elements, green screen background plates, and more. Its micro 4/3 lens mount allows us to work with virtually any lens out there along with speed boosters that open up a whole new level of lowlight capability. It’s a workhorse in a pony’s body.”

Some of the fall 2022 series that used DaVinci Resolve Studio for post production include:

  • A Million Little Things, Young Rock and Reboot graded by Russell Lynch of Colortime;
  • Abbott Elementary, Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire, Kung Fu and The Walking Dead S11: The Finale Episodes graded by Chris Boyer of Picture Shop;
  • American Gigolo graded by Shane Harris of Picture Shop;
  • Baking It and Wipeout graded by Yoram Tal C.S.I.;
  • Big Sky, DC’s Stargirl and The Cleaning Lady graded by Paul Allia of Picture Shop;
  • Blue Bloods graded by Andrew Geary of Company 3;
  • Bob Hearts Abishola graded by Sparkle of Picture Shop;
  • Chef vs. Wild and Rat in the Kitchen graded by Ricardo Martinez;
  • Chesapeake Shores graded by Achim Kapitza of 24 Frames;
  • Yellowjackets graded by Patrick Woodard of Point.360;
  • Grey’s Anatomy and How We Roll graded by Randy Starnes and Andrew Starnes of Arsenal FX Color;
  • Growing Up graded by Sal Malfitano of Nice Shoes;
  • Legacies, Vampire Academy and Roswell, New Mexico graded by Charlie Tucker of Point.360;
  • Home Economics graded by Shaley Brooks of Iris Digital Post;
  • Joe Pickett, New Amsterdam and The Good Doctor graded by Larry Field of Arsenal FX Color;
  • Law and Order, Law and Order: Organized Crime and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power graded by Skip Kimball of Company 3;
  • Murdoch Mysteries graded by Michael Dobroski of Picture Shop;
  • Ms. Marvel graded by Matt Watson of Marvel Studios Finishing;
  • NCIS Season 20 and NCIS Hawaii graded by George Delaney of Picture Shop;
  • NCIS LA graded by Thomas Galyon of DigitalFilm Tree;
  • Our Kind of People, Rapsh!t and With Love graded by Rory Gordon of Arsenal FX Color;
  • Reginald The Vampire Editor Lisa Binkley used Blackmagic eGPU for remote post work;
  • Saturday Night Live filmed pieces graded by Elias Nousiopoulos;
  • Station 19 graded by Roy Vasich of Picture Shop;
  • SWAT graded by Siggy Ferstl of Company 3;
  • Tell Me Lies graded by Mark Kueper of Picture Shop;
  • The Endgame graded by Aidan Stanford of Arsenal FX Color;
  • The Good Fight graded by Steven Bodner of Picture Shop;
  • The Next Thing You Eat graded by Scott Klein of Light Iron;
  • The Rookie graded by Dave Hussey of Company 3;
  • The Simpsons graded by Jason Fabbro of Picture Shop;
  • Walker graded by Tony D’Amore of Picture Shop;
  • Yellowstone graded by Bob Festa of Company 3; and
  • Young Sheldon graded by George Manno of Picture Shop.

Some of the fall 2022 series that used Blackmagic Design for production include:

  • Goldbergs DIT Kevin Mills used Smart Videohub 16×16 router, Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12×12, SmartView Duo monitor, DaVinci Resolve, DeckLink Mini Monitor playback card, DeckLink Mini Recorder capture card, various Mini Converters and Blackmagic MultiView 4 HD;
  • All American DIT Urban Olsson used Smart Videohub 20×20, DeckLink Duo 2, DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, UltraStudio HD Mini capture and playback device, UltraStudio 4K, Multiview 4, Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 12G and DaVinci Resolve Studio;
  • Gossip Girl DIT Chloe Walker used Smart Videohub 20×20 and UltraStudio Express;
  • Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire DIT Imanuel Smith used DaVinci Resolve Studio and UltraStudio 4K Mini;
  • Kung Fu DIT Jonathan Yip used Smart Videohub 20×20, Smart Videohub Master Control Panel, Videohub Smart Control Pro, MultiView 4, DeckLink 8K Pro, DeckLink Duo 2, Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 12G, Mini Converter SDI Distribution 4K, SmartView Duo 4K and DaVinci Resolve;
  • La Brea DIT Reece Flemming used Smart Videohubs, DaVinci Resolve, Video Assist 5” 12G HDR monitor and recorder and Blackmagic MultiDock;
  • Life By Ella DP Steve Gainer used DaVinci Resolve for on set color correction;
  • Motherland and 911: Lonestar DIT Michael Sanchez used UltraStudio 4K and Smart Videohub 20×20;
  • Reasonable Doubt DIT Rob Rogers used various ATEM live production switchers;
  • Station 19 DIT John Reyes used DaVinci Resolve Studio for on set color correction;
  • Wedding Season DIT Kerr Loy used DaVinci Resolve Studio to DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K, and;
  • Wellington Paranormal DIT Alex Boyd used UltraStudio Mini Monitor and Mini Converter SDI to Audio.

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