By Reuben Stojanovic-Rowe

Told over the course of one restless evening, Lenore follows loner documentarian Max (Jaquinot) as he becomes obsessed with a beloved online performance artist (Duncan), who is losing her fans due to her public persona and outrageous evolution. This compulsion will lead Max down a deep rabbit hole where he will question his very sanity.

Samuel Macdonald, Caitlin O’Loghlin and Scott MacKenzie also star.

The film has been shot at various locations around Melbourne over the last couple of weeks, with an expected finish to principal photography at the end of June.

Lenore marks the feature directorial debut from award-winning artist David Ward, who co-wrote the screenplay with Josie Hoss (Morgana) and also serves as Producer alongside Madeline French and Riley Sugars.

Ward has a rich and versatile history in the arts, directing short films such as Dorothy (2014) and Womb (2013), as well as having worked in theatre, television, music video, documentary and dance.

Lenore has been a real labour of love for everyone involved,” says Ward. “[It] is something so unique, singular and could only be made by this group of people at this time.”

Riley Sugars (director of AACTA nominated short Hatchback) was so impressed with the project, he upgraded his initial involvement as Assistant Director on the project to Producer.

“I was instantly impressed by his organisation, intellect and understanding of what he wanted to do with the material,” Sugars comments about David Ward. “I feel incredibly fortunate to work alongside this talented and diverse group…all making significant contributions.”

Lenore’s creative team also includes Cinematographer Shaun Herbertson (Shakespeare Republic), Costume Designer Coral Jamieson, and Production Designer Keren Dobia. An original score is set to be composed by Nick Sadler, lead guitarist and songwriter of the American noise rock band Daughters.