by Ralph Rubin

Access to Films

Australians had to go to a cinema a decade ago to watch the latest movie release. Today, all that has changed as Netflix allows Aussies to buy a monthly subscription and gain access to the latest movies being released around the world. Subscribers not only get access to new movies but also a massive database of movies that have been released over the last few decades.

It has turned into a favourite pastime for both young and old Aussies to get a bowl of popcorn, sit back on their couch and binge watch back-to-back movies with their families and friends during weekends. It’s not just during weekends that Aussies are watching loads of films online.

Netflix enables them to quickly access their favourite films and TV shows even on a week day. This is why millions of Australians end their working day by watching a movie at night and falling asleep.

Access to Pokies

Australians have a reputation of being the world’s worst gamblers and their favourite gambling pastime is to play the pokies. The term pokies is used down under to refer to slot machines. Australia has thousands of pokie machines spread all across the country giving players easy access to pokie machines on a daily basis.

Pokies can be played online and off.

While Australian casinos tend to have the most number of pokie machines, there are also thousands of bars and clubs who have the license to run pokie machines. This makes it easy for Aussies to play the pokies when they go out for dinner or to have a drink.

There are also a number of online casinos that specifically target Australian players and give them access to hundreds of online pokie games. This makes it easy and comfortable for Aussies to play online pokies from the comfort of their home.

Australians prefer pokie games because they are not games of skill and do not require players to develop a specific strategy to come out on the winning side. Pokie games are based completely on luck and Aussie players always love to play these games and test their luck, bonus bez depozytu.

We believe that pokies edge out films in Australia when it comes to overall popularity because of the reasons listed below.

Pokies Offer More Variety

Australian facing online casinos study the market carefully to get an idea of what kind of themes and games players are interested in down under. They then pack their pokies portfolio with hundreds of different games covering multiple niches featuring adventure, romance, action, comedy, sports, fruity, horror, music and holiday themed pokies.

Online casinos tend to partner with multiple software developers to ensure that Aussie players get variety in their pokie selection. Most Aussie facing casinos tend to tie up with leading providers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil Gaming and Habanero.

While one can make the argument that movies also cover all of the above genres, there are a limited number of major movie producers. Game developers often take hit movies that have a mass fan following and turn them into online pokie games in order to tape into the market and give fans a deeper experience of the movie and its characters. This means that fans no longer have to wait for a sequel to the movie, as they can play the movie themed pokie and continue to enjoy the plot.

Pokies Give Players A Chance to Win

When you watch a movie, you get the opportunity to relax, have fun and be entertained. When you play a pokie game whether online or at a casino, you not only get the opportunity to relax and have fun but you also get the opportunity to win.

Now it is not easy to win consistently playing pokie machines because they are completely based on chance and not skill. This means you literally have no influence over the outcome of the game. However, skilled pokie players can use a measure approach to increase their probability of winning.

Pokie players who are really looking at winning must learn bankroll management, learn to pick pokies which have a high return-to-player (RTP) percentage and also do some research on the past payouts that the pokie has had in the last six to twelve months. This extra research is similar to reading movie reviews and watching a trailer before deciding whether to watch a specific movie or to skip it.

What makes pokie games even more exciting is that there are a number of progressive pokie jackpots. Some of these pokie jackpots can cross the six figure mark while a few of them can cross the 1 million milestone. Now it’s not everyday that a pokie player in Australia hits a one million pokie jackpot but it certainly gives players a chance (even if it is a very slim chance) of winning a life changing sum of money.

Playing Pokies Takes Up More Time

Most movies run for 120 minutes on average and most Aussies tend to watch a movie or two a week. There might be a few exceptions on holiday weekends but on average they are spending 4 to 5 hours watching movies per week.

Pokie sessions can run a lot longer especially if Aussie players are accessing online pokies from the comfort of their home. Most Aussie facing casinos also have pokie games that are customized for smartphones which make them easy to play while on the move.

Aussie pokie lovers can end up spending 4 to 5 hours on one session of playing pokies. Pokie lovers could play anywhere between three to five sessions per week. This shows that Aussies tend to spend more time playing pokies than they do watching films.

In our opinion, we believe that pokies will continue to be more popular over films down under!


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