By Travis Johnson

We don’t cover music videos much hereabouts because, hell, we’re already swamped trying to keep up with content, but every so often one comes along which is worth casting a glance at. Case in point: the new clip for the title track off P!nk’s new album, Beautiful Trauma, co-starring the ever-lovable Channing Tatum.

Directed and choreographed by Nick Florez and RJ Durell, the vid deliberately channels Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in a stunningly conceived, primary-coloured nightmare of mid-20th century domesticity that manages to do in five minutes what Suburbicon couldn’t manage in 105. It’s beautifully put together, slyly subversive, and archly funny to boot. And if all that doesn’t grab you, it’s got Tatum in drag and P!nk costumed as ’50s bondage goddess, Bettie Page. Give it a spin – it’ll brighten your day.


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