No Pink Cowboys: An Ab Fab Web Series

May 4, 2020
Screw waiting for the phone to ring, Fabiana Weiner co-created, produced and stars in the award winning No Pink Cowboys, a charming web series inspired by her “not-so-insta-worthy” dating life.

You produced and co-created the series. What inspired you to create No Pink Cowboys?

Making a show of my own seemed to be the inevitable next step to ensure I could explore a character I related to and was interested in. Plus, my dating life at the time was a joke so it all seemed to fall into place!

I’ve always felt compelled to make things happen rather than let things come to me. It’s uncomfortable waiting for the right role to come along, and not being able to secure the job time and time again is heartbreaking! My next thought was “why not make something myself?” At the time I was both working and finishing my degree but the urge to make something was so strong. Then the cast and crew all jumped on board and away we went.

Jackson Tozer, Mike Jones and Caitlin Farrugia are friends of mine who were also creating low budget, indie content that was really funny and well thought out. They were just getting on with it and not making a big deal about it. I thought it seemed just right, and it definitely encouraged me to do the same.


Your co-star in No Pink Cowboys, Jackson Tozer, also appeared with you in the film Lazybones – is that where your decided to collaborate again?

Lazybones was where I met Caitlin Farrugia and Mike Jones (Blazing Arrow Media). Talk about not waiting around for people to give you things, those two are an indie-filmmaking-machine.

Jackson and I met when I auditioned for the role of Lucy in Lazybones. I’ve never laughed so much in an audition. We hung out a lot outside the film as well. When we started thinking of who would play Sam, Jackson immediately came to mind. He’s one to watch.

There will never be a dull moment with that boy around. He’s exactly like that in real life too! What you see is what you get. He’s wonderful.

Were there any episodes or scenes inspired by real life experiences?

Much of it was inspired by “not-so-insta-worthy” dating lives. Thrown on a plate for everyone to laugh at.

It has been so much fun taking the piss out of the parts of my life I get anxious or worried about – work, dating etc. We have this tendency to think we’re alone and unique in our worries and fears so whenever I can laugh about it openly and relate to other people through those embarrassing or painful experiences it feels good.

Comedy is brilliant, in so many ways.


What is the meaning of the title?

No Pink Cowboys was a result of a) there being no pink cowboys in the series, and b) it emerged during a brain dump around the idea of being fed up with bad dates in general.

There is a reference to it when Annabelle bails on her one-night stand with the bartender she takes home in Episode 3, “THAT’S ENOUGH COWBOY”.

Why a web series?

Many reasons. You’re not waiting for anyone to give you the green light. You have control over production/distribution and most importantly, creative choices. It feels amazing to be pro-active and working towards big dreams, even if it starts small. And it was a surprise to find other areas of production that I love in the process.

The online space is really exciting. We’re in the middle of a revolutionary shift in the way we consume content and creatives are at the centre of it all. Everything is accessible now and there are different ways to build an audience.

In Australia we are very lucky. People say the market is small which is true, but we do have a lot of support in other areas; through government funding and initiatives but also Melbourne, in particular, is very arts friendly. Finding shoot locations is an example. We had great support from the location owners we approached. People wanted to help us. We’re also home to supportive festivals and venues that will let you exhibit your work free of charge and let you make a buck on the door! I’ll take this opportunity to thank Made in Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne WebFest and Loop Bar for being a particularly supportive platform for independent content producers.


Do you watch other web series? Do you have any favourites?

LOL, The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caleb Gallo, Take My Wife, The Horizon, Method Series, The Katering Show, Movement the Show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

No Pink Cowboys has been screened at film festivals in Switzerland, the UK and the USA. How did you feel knowing that your Melbourne based web series was being viewed by international audiences?

We were flattered! Especially when we won Best Dramedy at The Asia Web Awards. That was an unexpected surprise. It’s encouraging to know that your comedy is translating to other cultures. It means I don’t feel I need to go to America to feel I am in the centre of things, I can do it right here and hopefully travel with it one day.


What are your future plans for the series? Do you think we might see your character navigating the European dating scene after spontaneously booking a plane ticket?

You’ll have to wait and see but Jackson and I will definitely work together again.

Currently I’m working on my first feature film that I’ve co-created with writer Tom Pitts. It’s a bold crime-drama called Riverland that has been co-developed, and will be directed and shot by award winning director Christopher Tovo. This is a really exciting project we have been working on since January 2017.

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