New Year’s (Cinematic) Resolutions

December 31, 2018
Yes, it’s nearly 2019, so here’s what we’d like to do a little differently when it comes to the movies. In this new year, we will…

…STOP BUYING THINGS FROM CINEMA CANDY BARS The biggest rip-off known to man is the candy bar at your local cinema. Even less gouge-happy movie-houses still take you to the cleaners every time you open your wallet. Popcorn is sold at a 1,275% markup…is there anything else that you need to know?

…STOP GIVING ADAM SANDLER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT Netflix produces some pretty impressive content, but Adam Sandler’s latest output is not among their best. Vanity projects filled with in-jokes, the likes of The Do-Over, The Ridiculous 6 and Sandy Wexler are not in the same league as Big Daddy, That’s My Boy, Billy Madison et al.

…READ MORE MOVIE RELATED BOOKS From Sally Field’s emotionally battering personal memoir (In Pieces) and Michael Caine’s hilariously charming guide to life (Blowing The Bloody Doors Off) to David Stratton’s self-explanatory 101 Marvellous Movies You May Have Missed and Parker Posey’s amusingly deconstructionist You’re On An Airplane: A Self-Mythologizing Memoir, there are plenty of great movie books out now, or just around the corner. And eBooks and libraries (see below) mean that you don’t have to pay an arm-and-a-leg for them.

…SPEND MORE TIME AT THE LIBRARY That’s right, your local neighbourhood library is a great haven for film buffs. Most council libraries offer a considerable collection of DVDs free to loan (if you don’t have Foxtel or any of the streaming services, it’s a good way to check out reasonably new releases), as well as a host of movie related books, from biographies and autobiographies (both new and old) through to filmmaking guide books and movie tie-ins. It’s free to join, and free to borrow…

…WATCH SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF OUR COMFORT ZONE Whether at the cinema, on a streaming platform, on YouTube, or wherever else, there’s nothing more entertaining and affirming than intentionally watching a film that you would usually avoid and then enjoying it. Of course, this can backfire. The psychological scars are still there from Mother’s Day

…SEE SOMETHING UNDER THE STARS Whether at one of the bigger, more commercialised affairs, or a smaller (often free) event organised by a local council or municipality, going to an outdoor movie screening is a truly enjoyable summertime cinematic experience.

…WATCH MORE MOVIES AT THE CINEMA No matter how convenient streaming is, and (for some) how tempting illegal downloading can be, nothing really equals the experience of watching a movie at the cinema. Yes, it’s an enormous expense, but most of the cinema chains offer loyalty programmes that make the financial hit less extreme, while some independent cinemas still keep their prices admirably low.

…STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT SUPERHERO MOVIES They’re here, people love them, there are plenty more coming out in 2019, and they’re now well and truly part of the pop cultural firmament. Deal with it, or maybe just close your eyes and pretend that they’re not there.

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