Netflix’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Promises Big Laughs, Bad Movies, and Sassy Robots

March 23, 2017
What more could you want?

It doesn’t sound like much: a guy and a couple of sass-mouthed robots extract the urine from terrible old sci fi, fantasy and horror movies, adding their own commentary over the top of rubber suit classics and Ed Wood-level monstrosities alike.  Repeat until you run out of movies. But Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K to fans) is something special, if you’re a certain breed of cult movie aficionado. At its best, it was like having a bad movie night with your friends, if your friends were actually funny. At it’s worst, hell, it was still a good time – there’s a slew of classic episodes up on Netflix right now if you’d care to sample the wares.

And the reason for that is this: MST3K is back, baby!  A whole new 14 episode series has been funded by a record-breaking Kickstarter and Netflix, in their endless campaign for cultural dominance, have snapped it up. Fannish faves like Felicia Day and the great Patton Oswalt join new host Jonah Ray, with original host and creator Joel Hodgson also in the mix.

MST3K never had much of a cultural footprint hereabouts, although Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, which saw the team tear strips off This Island Earth, was a video library mainstay for a while there. Hopefully Australian audiences will embrace the new iteration – it should be a blast.

MST3K drops on April 14, 2017.

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