How to Make Your Own Short Film

December 24, 2018
We’ve put together some top tips to help you get started with making a short film.

If you’re passionate about film, and movies are your favourite thing, then it makes sense for you to want to break into the industry and aim towards a dream Hollywood career. However, it’s easier said than done, so you’ll need to be prepared to start small and work hard to make your dreams achievable. The good news is that almost anybody can get started with pursuing a film career, whether you already have some experience, or have done nothing like this in the past. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get started with making a short film.

#1. Come up with a Story and a Script:

It might be tempting to grab your camera and start some impromptu filming, but slowing down here is key. Your short film needs to have an engaging story, turned into a script, before you can start thinking about putting it together visually. Maybe you already have a story in mind; in this case, you can get started on writing your script. If you’re not sure, the good news is that you can download a script from the internet that you can use to create your short film. This is a great idea if you’re hoping to get your foot into the industry as quickly as possible.

#2. Create a Storyboard:

Once you have a script together, it’s time to create a storyboard. This is a panel-by-panel outline of each shot, which resembles a comic book and determines the flow of your film. Your storyboard will show the sequence of scenes in your film and takes up most of the preparation work time. In the long run, having a well thought out storyboard will save a lot of time and organisation, making filming and editing your short movie quicker and easier.

#3. Scout for Locations:

Now you know what your film is about and how it is going to look, it’s time to find the perfect locations for filming. You may also need to determine whether you are going to film in actual locations, or create a set to mimic the environment. For example, if you have a scene in a grocery store, you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth getting permission to film in an actual grocery store or simply making up a set to look like one. You’ll need to make sure that all locations are safe and legal for filming.

#4. Consider Drafting in Help:

Any good filmmaker knows that they can’t do everything all on their own. In fact, your ability to recognise where assistance is needed and delegate it to the right people can help you make your way in the industry. Once you have gone through all the preparation work for your film, you may want to consider hiring professionals to help you put it together. Professional video production companies in Miami, Florida will have all the equipment that you need to get a result and finish that really stands out from the crowd, along with highly experienced filming and editing staff who you can learn from.

What will your short film be about?



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