King Cobra Trailer

September 30, 2016
"No little bitches!"

James Franco and Christian Slater battle for Garrett Clayton’s… loyalty… in King Cobra, a gay porn lust’n’murder saga from director Justin Kelly, who directed Franco in last year’s I Am Michael.

Rooted in real events, the film fictionalises the 2007 murder of porn mogul Brian Kocis (Slater’s character, based on Kocis, is named Stephen), who was killed in a dispute over the contract of real life porn actor Sean Paul Lockhart, aka Brent Corrigan, played by Pretty Little Liars‘ Garrett Clayton. Franco is Joe (based on Jospeh Kerekes ), one of the two men eventually found guilty of the killing.

It’s all as lurid and sensual as you would expect, with Franco once again pursuing his maxim that he is “gay in his art.” No word of an Australian release yet, but this should at the least do well on the festival circuit.


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