In The House Is Back!

January 17, 2020
Get ready for more classics on the big screen.

If you think the only films to be seen at cinemas are modern blockbusters, and that anything released more than six months ago solely has a home on DVD or streaming services, then think again. After a number of years championing the place of vintage films on the big screen at Event Cinemas across the nation, In The House is back for 2020. The retro hits of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s will return bigger and better than ever in 2020 with many more venues, multi passes and popcorn ticket offers. 2020 will give you the chance to see great films like Rocky, The Lost Boys, Die Hard, The Goonies, The Blues Brothers, Home Alone, Labyrinth and more at a location near you.

Click here for screening and ticketing details.

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