Eddie Izzard Heads to Adelaide for The Call Back

October 19, 2017
From Albert to Adelaide.

And suddenly Adelaide’s a destination filming location. Xavier Samuel was just there to do Bad Blood, double Oscar winner Hilary Swank is inbound for I Am Mother, and now comes the news that the great Eddie Izzard is heading for the City of Churches to take a turn in writer/director Marion Pilowsky’s feature debut, The Call Back.

Izzard, last seen in Victoria & Abdul, Izzardwill join an ensemble that includes French actress Vanessa Guide (The New Adventures of Aladdin) and Australians Emily Taheny (Get Krack!n), Luke McKenzie (Wentworth), Hugh Sheridan (Packed to the Rafters), Tina Bursill (Wish You Were Here),  Susie Youssef (How Not To Behave) and Tiriel Mora (Happy Feet).

According to the official release, “The Call Back taps into the madness inflicted when visitors overstay their welcome. It centres on Ronnie (Emily Taheny), a struggling restaurateur mired in debt, and the fallout from her previous short-lived romance with British movie actor Henry (Eddie Izzard). She’s now living with laidback, loyal Jeff (Luke McKenzie), but her world is turned upside down when Henry returns to Australia with his French lover Sophie (Vanessa Guide) in tow. Any possibility of fun quickly disappears into a fog of paranoia and truly appalling behaviour.  This is a film about finding your true home, love, sex, food and bloody good Shiraz.”

Said Pilowksy, “I am incredibly happy that this talented group of actors has decided to join us on our South Australian adventure.”


The Call Back will shoot in Adelaide and surrounds from October 30.

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