By Travis Johnson

Writer/director Heath Davis took a hard look at problem gambling with his first feature film, Broke. Now he’s focusing on another endemic social problem, illiteracy, in his follow up film, Book Week.

The comedy/drama, which will be shot entirely in the Blue Mountains, follows a high school English teacher and aspiring writer (Brendan Cowell) through  week of hell as he contends with “…a girlfriend’s ultimatum, a student in
trouble with the law, a gravely ill brother in law and the prospects of living a life of unfulfilled dreams…”. Cowell is joined by an impressive roster of talent, including Susan Prior (Animal Kingdom, The Rover), Steve Bastoni (The Water Diviner), Tiriel Mora (The Castle), Pippa Grandison (Georgie Girl), Chris Taylor (The Chaser) and fresh faces Airlie Dodds (Neighbours) and Rose Riley (The Death and Life of Otto Bloom).

The production team have launched an Indiegogo campaign to coincide with the lead up to National Book Week, appropriately enough, and some profits from the eventual film are earmarked for Book Week foundations and other education programs.

“We are really encouraging kids and adults to switch off their iPhones and pick up a book or pen. As a local teacher I’m very passionate about promoting literacy,” Davis remarked. “Everywhere you go people are using hand held devices usually to play games or keep themselves up to date on social media. We really want to drive people back into reading and writing, using their imaginations, opening their minds and experiencing life not just via Facebook.”

Take a look at the Indiegogo campaign here.

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