Camino Skies

May 28, 2019

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A meditative film that invites reflection and wonder...

Camino Skies

Robert W. Monk
Year: 2019
Rating: TBC
Director: Fergus Grady, Noel Smyth

Julie Zarifeh, Sue Morris, Terry, Mark Thompson, Claude Tranchant, Cheryl Stone

Distributor: Limelight
Released: August 1, 2019
Running Time: 80 minutes
Worth: $15.00

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A meditative film that invites reflection and wonder…

Offering an inspirational look at the process of coping with emotional and physical trauma, Camino Skies is a powerful feature documentary looking at the lengths people will go through to experience recovery.

Tracing the path of a group of Antipodean walkers as they traverse the 900km route from the French Basque town of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the film naturally provides space for each individual story to shine through.

The major motivating force at work in all of their recent histories is a desire to push themselves and to confront and hopefully come to terms with recent or ongoing pain. Each of the walkers have experienced grief of some kind, and the filmmakers sensitively display all of the accounts with integrity and purpose.

Displayed against the stunning scenery of the mountainous route, a pathway considered to be the Mecca of pilgrimages for religious and non-religious alike, the questions each walker asks themselves take on profound implications. At points, the film delivers a powerful level of emotional impact.

The filmmakers never overdo this however, and each response, be it laughter or tears, always comes across as a human reaction to where they are and what they happen to be talking about. The various personalities in the film are also linked by their sheer passion for wanting to complete the arduous walk.

Aged from 40 – 70, the walkers deal with all weather and terrain along the way, bravely coping with the blisters and bruises that come with the territory. Away from their homes for a whole month, the walkers learn to help each other; the comradeship and shared desire to experience a greater achievement is portrayed evocatively.

Key to this accomplishment of showing the stories of recovery up against the big picture of nature, is Noel Smyth’s cinematography. Demonstrating the majestic grandeur of the Pyrenees and the intense elements that preside around them, the camera work is at once transporting and beautiful.

It’s also a well-paced film, benefiting from editing that pushes the film along elegantly. Like the walk itself, it’s a steady and gradual journey that does not have need of overly dramatic disclosures or jump cuts.

A meditative film that invites reflection and wonder, Camino Skies delivers on its brief. We discover why people choose to put their bodies and minds through the pilgrimage, and just what can be learned. In effect, it’s a moving account of moving on.



  1. Sylvia

    Congratulations! Would love to go on the mailing list and buy a copy when it is available.

    Syl Nilsen
    South Africa

    1. Noel Smyth

      Hi Sylvia,
      You can sign up to the mailing list via the website (scroll down to the bottom if a pop up doesn’t appear beforehand).
      Would love to bring the film to South Africa!

      Tha Camino Skies Team

  2. Maria Fagerstrom

    Inspiring! When and where can one view this film? I walked the Camino in 2017 at the age of 64 and I hear my name being whispered by the lovely paths, views, and eucalyptus groves!
    This film will magnify the whisper into a convincing and lovely calling. Where can I purchase it?

    1. Noel Smyth

      Hi Maria,
      Where do you live?
      It’s in NZ / Australian cinemas this month, and hopefully elsewhere in the world towards the end of the year.
      We’ll also have an online option / DVD available later in the year. Sign up to the mailing list for all the latest news (via the website).

    2. Noel Smyth

      Hi Sharon,
      It’s playing at HOTA from August 1 (with a special Q&A screening on August 7).
      Thanks for supporting the film!

      Noel Smyth
      The Camino Skies Team

  3. Marita

    Saw this film yesterday and it inspired me immensely. Have always wanted to do this walk but the health is not that great. After watching this, I am keen to walk at least the last third of it.

  4. Trace Griffin

    Hi Noel,
    My girlfriends can’t wait to see the film. 5 of us (50 year old Australian women) walked part of the Camino. We walked for 10 days 270km starting at Astorga.
    I started a blog and surprisingly 1700 people from all over the world read it! More surprising due to my spelling after walking 26km a day with a 7kg backpack I’ve seen a few movies about the Camino. We very keen to see this one.
    We are doing it all again next year with another group of primary school friends which should be hilarious. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

    My blog is

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