Short of the Day: <i>Girl of the Sky</i>

Short of the Day: Girl of the Sky

'Urbex' inspires Australian filmmaker to travel to Ukraine to make a powerful short film that touches on the #MeToo movement.
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Short of the day: <i>The Greta Fragments</i>

Short of the day: The Greta Fragments

Nic Barker's improvised free-form short film is worth a watch.
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Trailer: <i>Missing Link</i>

Trailer: Missing Link

It's the new stop motion animation from Laika Studios, the company behind Kubo, Boxtrolls and Coraline.
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Trailer: <i>The Ballad of Buster Scruggs</i>

Trailer: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers' Netflix Original will go live on the streaming platform on November 16, 2018
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First Look Trailer: <i>Bloom</i>

First Look Trailer: Bloom

A teaser focusing on the character played by Phoebe Tonkin and Jacki Weaver drops for the intriguing 6-part STAN Original Series.
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<i>Antisocial</i>: Sketch Comedy with Byte

Antisocial: Sketch Comedy with Byte

(Luke) Goodall & (Marc) Gallagher’s hilariously scathing web series is what the internet deserves.
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Trailer: <i>Vox Lux</i>

Trailer: Vox Lux

Actor turned iconoclastic director Brady Corbet turns Natalie Portman into a pop star.
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Short of the Day: <i>The Witching Hour</i>

Short of the Day: The Witching Hour

Werewolves, witches, bloodsuckers and zombies, just a few of the monster squad cast that descends upon Sydney in this perfect short film for Halloween.
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Jamie Lee Curtis: <i>Halloween</i>

Jamie Lee Curtis: Halloween

Our very own hairy film guy sat down with the divine Jamie Lee Curtis for a chat about Halloween and ended up getting a whole lot more.
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Trailer: Liam Neeson in <i>Cold Pursuit</i>

Trailer: Liam Neeson in Cold Pursuit

In what looks like a cross between Taken and The Grey, but funnier, the gangly Irishman plays a nice guy father turned avenger when his son is killed by a druglord.
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Trailer: <i>The Front Runner</i>

Trailer: The Front Runner

Jason Reitman's account of the 1988 scandal that forced Democratic front runner Gary Hart to withdraw from the presidential race, should land Hugh Jackman his second Oscar nomination.
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