Grab Their Attention: Top Ways to Make a Movie Trailer That Pops

July 29, 2020
We know that a movie trailer can help amp up a movie and get the audience excited for the release date. However, we also understand that a poorly made trailer can turn people away from wanting to see the film.

Spending time making a movie trailer is a crucial step in creating a film. You need it done in a way that explains the premises behind the movie, all without giving away the good parts. Not only that, but you also need to do this within a short time – anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.

To help you create an epic movie trailer, try incorporating the following five ideas into your next project.

Showcase 3 Elements: Character, Drama, and Conclusion Teaser

Your trailer should tell the viewer the general idea behind the movie. Do this by introducing characters (or even tease towards cameos). Let the audience know who the main people are in the film.

Next, you want to give a glimpse of the conflict, or the drama behind the movie. What’s the point of the film that makes someone want to sit for hours to watch it? After that, give a little teaser of the conclusion. That teaser is what will leave the audience hanging for more – meaning they’ll watch your film.

Avoid Sharing Too Much

The hard part is finding the line between providing enough enticing information and basically telling the audience the entire movie in the trailer. Avoid the mini-movie feeling. Get a fresh set of eyes to help you with this.

Use Software

The options for software to help create your trailer are almost endless. Spend time fiddling with different apps and programs to find one that fits your style of editing the best (Crello offers different editing and animation options).

Amp It Up With Music

Do you ever sit and listen to movie trailer music and feel so many emotions? That’s because music is an essential element of the trailer that helps draw the viewer in. So, this is not something you want to miss.

Pick scores that make your audience feel something. You want to leave them left wanting more and feeling like they need to see the film.

Stay Within the Theme of the Film

When making your trailer, you want to stay within the theme of your film. If you’re an action-based film, you wouldn’t want the trailer to come across as a love story. Instead, you would showcase some of the best action points to tease the intensity of the film.

Staying within the theme also helps to attract your target audience. Back to the action-based film, if the trailer came across as a love story, you’d be going after an entirely different audience. There’s a good chance, then, that your trailer would not impress the people you originally intended for.

The five points above are a good starting point to help you design your trailer. Spend time getting creative because there are so many ways you can make a killer trailer that will grab many eyes.


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