Virtual Reality: How the gaming world is drastically changing again

October 26, 2019
The world of video games is about to undergo a radical new change that will completely change the experience of gamers around the world.

To be honest, radical changes have taken place in the world gaming industry, the changes include online casino games like what’s provided by Online Casino mobile games, VR games and so on.

The theme of virtual reality has been a dream in the gaming industry since William Higinbotham. The Brookhaven National Laboratory scientist made changes to an oscilloscope creating the famous Tennis for Two (considered by many to be the first video game in history). Virtual reality grew in the minds of gamers, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, with the development of cyberpunk culture, and attempts to create a truly different, virtual and realistic experience continued to crawl into the second decade of the 2000s.

By the transition from the 1990s to the first 2000s, the world was already facing a new shift in gamers’ reality, with the development of better graphics, more dynamic games and deeper and deeper content. By this time, the industry was living a new paradise, as innovations really meant a change for the player.

Nevertheless, the following years passed without major changes. Graphics were constantly improving, but the player experience was basically the same, without anything that represented proximity to the virtual world, and that really changed the routine of sitting on the couch and moving the joystick. It was then that Nintendo, famous for innovating in experience and gameplay, launched the Wii, and the consoles were never the same.

Wii began to show how the gaming world could come off the couch and embrace different gameplay and experience routines. Kinect soon followed this line, and this culminated in the expansion of gamer culture, as games were now used to exercise, treat stress, depression, assist in prevention, and maintain the health of the elderly. Games have embraced a slice of the market that was not their target audience until then.

The next step was clear. Attempts to use virtual reality still seemed shy, always with great promises, conceptual work, but nothing that really changed the user’s perception of fun. If we could draw a parallel, the first virtual reality solutions looked a lot like the idea of ​​playing a game on an Atari when you have a Playstation 4 on your table. It was late, not ready.

The excitement, the change, the feeling that the ’90s gamers felt when they came across the amazing Playstation 2 graphics in the 2000s was not there. That’s when the Rift Goggles came into play. It was a radical change. Really functional and in keeping with the expectations of your time. However there was still a problem, the lack of compatible games, compared with when we Mr Bet casino online pokies NZ. What we hope now is that the Rift Goggles and other competitors will be able to reach VR and meet expectations with it, however, there’s no doubt that the gaming world has undergone yet another big change that will change the experience of every player.

Cheap Accommodation in Las Vegas

On this last trip I decided to stay healthy without spending a lot and without providing comfort and location. I’ve lived in Bellagio and Encore and love them both, what I want to know is if you can afford to live in Las Vegas for half the price and wonder? Yes you do!

My choice: MGM Grand

We stayed at the MGM Grand, the biggest hotel in town and great value for money. MGM has large and spacious rooms, a nice swimming pool complex, many choices of restaurants and some cool attractions such as the Cirque Du Soleil Ka show, UFC fights, the famous Hakkasan ballad and is connected to the Las Vegas Monorail line. Even for us traveling with babies this is a good choice.

And the cool detail: We took promotions and found rooms with prices better than New York and Paris!

Other hotel options that I will consider:

The Linq: One of the newest hotels on the Strip, The Linq has an amazing entertainment center full of funky shops, bars and restaurants. Top location and incredible value for money. In addition, the hotel has access to the Las Vegas Monorail.

Flaminco: Flaminco is in front of The Linq and therefore has equal access to the complex, entertainment and transportation. Flaminco also has a garden covered with exotic birds. Great choice and less popular than The Linq.

Monte Carlo: The value for money is very good and very well connected. Cool for those who want something less funky. The hotel has a free tram line that connects you to Bellagio and Aria. Very comfortable!


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