Trailer: Resting Pitch Face Web Series

February 5, 2019
A satirical 3-part series that subverts RBF, and looks to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM > Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

“Not being able to find any other show that speaks to all the women in STEM fields, we wanted to address the headlines, show how cool it is to work in these fields and get young girls to seriously consider this as a future,” says Executive Producer Claire Evans of production company Grumpy Sailor.

Written by Nicola Parry (Rake) and Jessica Harris (twentysomething), and directed by Claudia Pickering (Frisky), the 3 x 7 minute series stars Bridie Connell (Tonightly with Tom Ballard), Emily Havea (Wentworth) and Nakkiah Lui (Black Comedy, Kiki and Kitty) as housemates working in three different STEM companies who come up with an idea to change the world.

“We really wanted an honest representation on screen of what life in STEM fields is truly like for women, so we started by speaking to our own tech development team and followed that with surveying women in various fields. Through these surveys we gathered a slew of hilarious and cringeworthy tales that make up the fabric of the series,” says Grumpy Sailor Producer Anna Dadic.

Resting Pitch Face will premiere on February 20, 2019

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