Trailer: Patient Zero and its Sexy Infected

August 13, 2018
Stefan Ruzowitzky’s original horror thriller starring Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer and Stanley Tucci, is released in US cinemas this week.

“This is not a Zombie movie, but something different,” says Austrian filmmaker Stefan Ruzowitzky about Patient Zero. “Our monsters are very energetic, they are smart, they have a blood lust, and they are high on adrenaline, but at the same time, they are sexy, energetic, fast, and the idea is they are pumped up, full of adrenaline, so they don’t know fear, they don’t know pain. They jump from heights that a normal human would not dare to jump from, but their blood lust drives them. This is just one element of showing that our “Infected” are completely different from zombies. They are fast, energetic, they look cool and sexy. Because that’s part of the story, that at the end, they’ll learn that they aren’t just sick monsters like zombies, but they have some self-esteem, and they see themselves as a superior form of life, and so they dress up in a certain style. We’re hoping that people will dress up as “Infected” for Halloween, two years from now!”

Ruzowitzky has a chequered history with American filmmaking. His 2000 film Anatomy is the highest grossing local horror film of all time in Germany, released as a dubbed version in the US to little fanfare. He also wrote and directed the Oscar winning Austrian film The Counterfeiters (2007), and followed it up with the blink and you missed it Deadfall starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam in 2012. From an original screenplay by Mike Le, Patient Zero has been years in the making, with our set visit back in very early 2016 finally coming to fruition with a limited release in the US.

What will happen in Australia is still up for grabs, but we reckon straight to streaming is the best bet right now.

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