Top Reasons Why You Should Watch Westerns

March 3, 2021
The pioneer of Hollywood movies is the Western film genre. These are motion pictures that are set during the 19th and the early years of the 20th century. They usually depict bounty hunters, gun-fighting criminals, corrupt sheriffs, and heroes who save an entire town. Watching these films can be quite interesting because some of them are historical.

You can learn about the Mexicans or how Americans settled disputes during the 19th century. Furthermore, these film productions are very entertaining, and some are comical. Well, this article provides information on the reasons you should watch the Western film genre.

  1. They Are Entertaining

You can easily get entertained when you watch these films. They are full of suspense, and their plot is interesting to follow. On this note, my favourite Western is Arizona Colt Returns. This film’s setting is in the mid-19th century, and the protagonist is on a mission to rescue a girl. Events that follow are exciting and entertaining. Thus, it is recommended that you watch it. You won’t regret spending your time on the screen.

  1. Many of Them Have Comedy Elements

There are many great Western comedy films. These are well-produced, and their plot interesting. An example is Blazing Saddles. Mel Brooks directed this classic film, and its key characters are played by Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little.  If you watch this production, you are guaranteed to laugh.

  1. Westerns Are Inspirational

These movies are highly inspiring. Take Sugar Colt, for example. From this film, you can learn that hardships never exist forever.  There is a time when one can get a breakthrough. This lesson is depicted by the soldiers, who Sugar Colt freed after many years of captivity.

These films are an inspiration because they tell stories of 19th and 20th-century happenings. You can learn about ranches and the strategies ranchers used to make money. Ranching is a central theme in the Western film genre because most of them depicted gun-wielding cowboys.

  1. Westerns Film Can Make You Relax

It is advisable to keep yourself busy by watching these films. When you are at home, and you want to relax, watch them. They will entertain you, and at the same time give you a relaxing feel.

  1. Psychologists Can Use them for Emotional and Psychological Therapies

Psychologists are increasingly prescribing movies as a form of therapy. Research indicates that using motion pictures to treat emotional problems is effective if the right production is viewed. The western genre has many film categories you can choose from. These include comedies, action, romance, and even tragedies. So, you cannot lack something to watch as your treatment remedy.

Cinematherapy has numerous benefits.  Royal essay experts can write a paper on these benefits. The following are some of them:

  • It can help you to reduce hormones that cause stress. The reduction of depression occurs when you laugh while watching the productions.
  • They can help reduce your emotions through the process of cathartic crying.
  • Cinema enables you to explore the reactions you have towards characters and how they relate to you.
  • Movies distance you from your realities.
  • They improve your analytic and objective skills.
  • Films can help you find hope and develop a positive mindset towards life.
  • You will acquire new behaviours and insights.
  1. They Contain Gunfights

If you are a fan of gunfights, then watch Western films. These productions usually contain a hero who is out to fight bandits. As a result, they have numerous gunfight scenes.

But, if you are not a fan of gunfights, you should not worry. Other Western genres are drama, comedy, and historical. So, you will always have a variety to choose from.

  1. You Will Get to Meet Your Favourite Characters

It is no doubt that Western movies have produced some of the most talented actors. John Wayne is one of them. Some of his greatest productions include The Big Trail and Stagecoach. If you haven’t watched these films, it is recommended that you look for them.

Other notable Westerns film actors are Clint Eastwood, Randolph Scott, and Gary Cooper. These people have helped to revolutionise the American film industry. Hollywood is what it is today because of its contributions.

Wrap Up

The Western is a film genre that is set in the 19th and early years of the 20th century. Watching these movies can be inspirational and exciting. These motion pictures have contributed immensely to the American film industry. Thus, do not ignore their place in cinema history.


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