Top List Of The Strangest Casino Superstitions

November 11, 2021
Sometimes gamblers do weird things just to get lucky when playing casino games. Every player hopes to win, which is why some gamblers have resulted in private rituals while others have strange beliefs.

Superstitious beliefs vary across different cultures. For that reason, these cultural beliefs are essential to various gamblers, just like how free spins True Blue casino are an important part of most online casino promotions. Casino superstitions supposedly bring either bad or good fortune.

In this article, we are going to look at superstitions that prevail in the world of gambling. Some of them may sound strange and unusual, and some, you probably have never heard of. Here are some of the bizarre beliefs regarding casinos across the world.

  1. Wearing red;
  2. Crossing your legs;
  3. Counting your money;
  4. Using $50 bills;
  5. Coin treatment;
  6. Books and bad luck;
  7. Expletive roulette;
  8. Itchy hands;
  9. Lucky/ Unlucky Numbers;
  10. Using the casino front entrance;
  11. Crossing fingers;
  12. Lending money to another player;
  13. Whistling while playing;
  14. Lucky charm and unlucky in love;
  15. Lucky in gambling superstition.

Wearing Red and Crossing Your Legs

Punters wearing red is one of the most popular superstitions in some parts of the world. In Asia, brides wear red because it is believed to be a lucky colour that brings about prosperity and wealth. In other parts, people believe that red brings about good fortune and luck. In these countries, punters associate wearing red with good luck when gambling. For instance, players in China wear red shoes, a red shirt, and red underwear when going gambling. Additionally, roulette players believe that they will win when they bet on red numbers rather than black.

On the other hand, physical tics like crossing legs are known to bring bad luck when gambling at a casino. These players believe that when they cross their legs while sitting at the table, it crosses away their winning streak. Others prefer to sit or stand because they think it brings about good luck.

Counting Your Money, Using $50 Bills and Coin Treatment

Counting your money at the casino table is also another popular superstition. It came from early punters who never counted their chip stack until the poker game ended. Counting cash before the game ends is believed to bring bad luck to gamblers. The belief also applies to some gamblers who like playing free pokies online.

In other cultures, using $50 bills is known to cause bad luck during gambling. This superstition dates way back during the mafia history in the U.S. At that time, victims were buried by the mob in the Nevada desert, where the mafia used to put $50 bills in their victims’ jacket pockets. Therefore, when some gamblers receive $50, they see it as bad luck. Additionally, much counterfeit money in the United States comes in fifty dollars, and whenever you visit the store, they refuse to break the funds.

Some slot machine players also have a superstition that good luck might be in the next spin if they heat the coins, cool them down, or blow them. Same to crap players when handling dice before throwing them. These players will blow the dice and sometimes speak to the dice, asking it to help them win. This act has been popular from Guys and Dolls, where Marlon Brando made the suggestion.

Books and Bad Luck, Expletive Roulette, and Itchy Hands

In some Chinese traditional cultures, it is believed that if someone is reading a book in your direct vicinity, you are probably going to lose. The word lose is explained as(shū) in Chinese, and in books as (shīqù). They believe that saying the two words sound the same. Another popular and most spread gambling superstition when gaming on roulette is yelling expletives. Players shout until the ball stops spinning and is believed to bring good luck.

You might have heard about this one: Many associate developing some itchiness on the hands with bad luck, while others see it as a sign of good luck. For some casino players, an itchy right palm shows that they are going to hit the jackpot. This belief came from an old superstition that players lose money if they have an itchy left palm. The view differs from that of people in Serbia because they believe that having itchy hands is a sign of luck.

Lucky/ Unlucky Numbers, Using the Casino Front Entrance, Crossing Fingers

Different people in different countries have different cultures. As a result, some cultures tend to have their specific lucky numbers on the casino floor. For example, the Chinese believe that 4 is a number that brings bad luck because the word death (siwang) sounds close to the number four (si). For that reason, number four is said to be an unlucky number when gambling in some Chinese casinos. In other western cultures, the number 13 is also considered to bring bad luck. They associate it with Friday the 13th, which is a day of misfortune and death. As a result, roulette punters place their chips on 14 or 15, avoiding 13. However, some players in Italy believe number 13 brings good luck.

Some also have it that using the casino front entrance brings a terrible omen when they settle down to gamble. That’s why some Asian casino players prefer using the rear door. This superstition is also seen in London, England. Rituals include reciting an optimistic luck hymn or covering the monitor during roulette games while the reels spin. Additionally, some people think that there is a connection between their actions and the games. For example, crossing fingers is said to bring good luck, same as touching the table game wood while playing. Other rituals include tapping the screen stem, closing eyes before the roulette wheel stops, tapping the slot machine as the reels spin, or shouting out the gaming numbers.

Lending Money to Another Player and Whistling While Playing

Lending money between gambling enthusiasts is a common practice in many casinos. However, some players believe that lending money to an opponent brings bad luck when gambling. According to them, it interferes with their games unfavourably. Additionally, there is a superstition that you bring bad luck to your games when you whistle while playing. The superstition comes from British sailors who believed that they would bring about strong winds if they whistled. As a result, many believe that whistling brings bad luck to their table. Besides, whistling and making noise can get you thrown out of the casino and be disapproved of by other players.

Lucky Charm and Unlucky in Love, Lucky in Gambling Superstition

Poker players enjoying free pokies or real money games are known for their lucky charms on the gambling floor. It is believed that if they have a favourite cap or a card protector, it reminds them of a tournament they won. In gambling, these types of lucky charms include rings, pieces of jewelry, lucky rabbit’s feet, or four-leaf clover pendants. They believe that having a lucky charm helps them win casino games. Another strange one is from German players. They follow a German proverb that states, “Unlucky at cards, lucky in love.” It means that you can’t have both; you either win in gambling or love. Therefore players have to either lose the game or give up personal relationships lest they become horrible at understanding the emotional needs of others.

Psychologically, superstitions can mean a lot for gamblers. Still, your physical attitude has no bearing on whether you will win or lose. Note that winning games at the casino has nothing to do with superstition; instead, most people win by chance.


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