Top Games For iPhone Or iPad Users

April 7, 2021
Back in those days, your iPhones or iPads would just be capable of making phone calls and sending messages. Fast forward to the recent era, and you will find a thousand apps in these cutting-edge devices with expanded capabilities.

When Apple’s iPhones and iPads got launched, people never thought that these devices would have gaming apps installed in them. But the reality tells a different story. Just as how each iOS online casino allows gamers to earn rewards and play pokies free, iPhone games also let avid fans kill their boredom.

Most Popular iPhone and iPad Games

As the Cupertino tech conglomerate has separated its mobile OS by introducing iPadOS, the line between iPad and iPhone games couldn’t get more pronounced. Although most iPad games can be played on iPhones, some games only enjoy the giant’s expanded tablet screen line-up. To offer clarity in information, this narrative shall break down both the sections (one for iPhones and the other for iPads) one by one. If you want to get a thorough understanding of these games, consider reading the following details.

Top 10 Games For iPhone Users

#1 Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure has its follow-up, and it’s none other than Alto’s Odyssey. It’s a 2015 game that has been praised among iPhone users. This game continues the ability of the series to combine skiing’s visuals with runner’s swift mechanics. Experience the virtual world by traveling down the mountain and completing goals. Other activities include collecting coins and earning some upgrades.

#2 Among Us

Among Us is a 2018-game that got introduced on the iOS platform. It became inexplicably super-popular by the end of 2020. This multiplayer and cooperative game lets fans work together to catch the liar in a group, while surviving in the space. It’s a perfect game for killing boredom during the 2020 pandemic, when people were following quarantine rules. But before starting afresh, get an idea about the rules.

#3 The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a real-time strategy game that puts gamers in control of the tribe, while they expand the territory. The basic rule is to fight enemies and build an empire. It lets you play multiple game modes. Either enjoy a solo game or play against your friend. Interestingly, you can even play it with strangers through online multiplayer.

#4 Beyond a Steel Sky

Although it’s exclusively on Apple Arcade, Beyond a Steel Sky is a much-anticipated follow-up to 1994’s Revolution Software game Beneath a Steel Sky. Initially, the game got launched for PC users. But with the revolutionary advancements in the gaming hub, enthusiasts got an opportunity to experience its enthralling experience. It recognises the different ways in which the genre of point-and-click gets evolved over a few quarter-centuries. Get your hands on this game and explore the power-packed mobile gaming universe.

#5 Blek

Acclaimed for its exciting gameplay and minimalist art design, this game gives the best puzzling experience. It includes creating patterns with the best use of touch-screen gestures for completing every level. Ever since the game got introduced in 2013, most of the iPhone’s game library featured this game. Gamers even sang high praises about its simple gameplay. With time, the game has proved to become more versatile and updated.

#6 Call of Duty

Who would have thought that Call of Duty will one day get released for iOS users? Yes, Activision’s famous Call of Duty has won hearts previously. In today’s era, it’s one such video game that has been critically well-acclaimed. But to speak justifiably about its iOS gaming version, thinking that it’s a masterpiece iPhone game would never be an exaggeration. Gamers can get their hands on the mobile version of this first-person shooter game for free.

#7 Brawlhalla

Super Smash Bros always require a Nintendo system! And if you don’t have one, then Brawlhalla is your next big choice. It’s a free-to-play fighter game. It puts small and vibrant characters, armed with weapons, in grand brawls with the aim of knocking each other off-stage. Learn more about this game by installing it on your iPhone.

#8 Crashlands

Crashlands debuted in 2016 as the adventure-crafted RPG adventure. It has a wide plot about being stranded on an isolated planet. Here, your main goal is to find monsters, fulfill quests, and mine resources, while saving yourself for life. The game comes with cross-platform support, so there’s no reason to stop playing it. For more information, Crashlands is available in the App Store.

#9 Crypt of the NecroDancer

This dungeon-crawling game has a component of beat-matching that offers a brutal yet fun gaming experience. You can even move and attack. For this reason, matching the rhythm of the soundtrack is mandatory. The game has garnered multipliers for successful matches. One’s goal is to beat every level and gain more enhanced items, only to become more effective in every new level!

#10 Dead Cells

The brutal and roguelike game gives the best iOS gaming experience to all iPhone users. Upon a successful release on PCs and home consoles, dead cells can put you in control of small creatures. Interestingly, these small creatures take control of the dead bodies. The prime goal is to escape from prison by becoming powerful. You can earn real rewards by playing dead cells, just like how you earn cash playing real money slots in online casinos Australia.

Top 7 Games For iPad Users

#1 Bastion

The one game that stands out amongst the mobile RPG games for the impressive story, beautiful artwork, and voiceover acting, is none other than Bastion. In it, players get a greater opportunity to play the character who ventures out into the post-apocalyptic world! Here, the main task is to collect rocks to upgrade your new virtual house. There are ample tasks to complete and upgrades. By doing so, one can unlock everything and enjoy more intriguing gameplay.

#2 Carcassone

Thinking that Carcassonne is an expensive iPad game is not a sheer misconception. But even if it is, the German-style digital version of the board game is worth your time and money. The social game allows every game to lay tiles and other game pieces on the virtual board. Thereby, it helps design a medieval landscape. Basically, the prime goal is to own a completed development, such as farms, roads, and cities. But unlike Monopoly games, Carcassonne is really thought-provoking!

#3 Civilization VI

It seems developer Firaxis Games has implemented everything to make it a power-packed game for iPad users. It’s the most popular turn-based video game that got released in the year 2016. This time, its mobile version also arrived. The prime goal is to control the nation of the people, fight enemies, gather resources, and develop an empire in Civilization VI. And the most exciting part is, you get it for free!

#4 Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time freemium strategy game. The developer and publisher, Supercell, has combined intriguing elements from tower defense, collectible card games, and even multiplayer battle arena. It has garnered so much popularity that it became its own sport. And now, it combines elements from different genres to establish a great multiplayer game. iPad users can get their hands on this game!

#5 Darkest Dungeon

After the introduction of the gothic roguelike RPG video game series, fans were left hoping for a mobile version. Since it garnered immense popularity in the gaming sphere, developers introduced an iPad version. That’s how Darkest Dungeon became one of the most intriguing games for iPad users. In this survival game, one needs to manage a team of characters. It’s imperative to notice every hero’s stress level; otherwise, bad things may happen.

#6 Device 6

Device 6 gives every avid gamer a wonderful chance to explore the concept of narratives and choices. Doing so is really easy; one only needs to use texts for diving into a surreal journey. Device 6 is a text-based title, although the game isn’t called a “text adventure”. The game is akin to the enhanced online novel with best-in-class puzzles. However, not everyone can play this game, and only players who want to enjoy experimental gameplay can give it a try.

#7 Don’t Starve

The ever-booming popularity of survival games has given gamers an opportunity to choose one from a thousand choices these days. Someone who praises random environments, roguelike elements, and permanent death should try their hands on Don’t Starve. This survival game stands just above the rest of the games, with a deep crafting and hunting system. Additionally, the sad and gothic hand-written visuals are extremely impressive. One can take this game as an adventure like that of Tim Burton-meets-Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

There’s always controversy on whether iPhones give a better gaming experience or iPads. And this debate has emerged right upon the introduction of iPadOS. But regardless of these discussions, these games can be installed quite simply on your device. Choosing the game and installing it on your iPhone or iPad is the only thing required. As a gamer, if you’re planning to enhance your experience, ensure your gaming quest for higher scores. And for this reason, following the compulsory rules is a must. That’s it!


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