by James Roberts

However, sports betting scenes have appeared in a number of movies – some of which have gone on to win numerous awards. So, here are our picks for the top five movies with sports betting taking place in them.

A View to a Kill

One of the James Bond films from the ‘80s, A View to a Kill stars Roger Moore as the 007 agent. At a certain point in this film, which also stars Christopher Walken as the villainous Max Zorin, Bond and his allies attend a horse racing event. Zorin’s horse Pegasus is also taking part in the event and proceeds to win the race after the villain injects him with drugs to make him go faster. It turns out that Bond has also placed a bet on the horse, securing himself a victory, much to the dismay of Miss Moneypenny.

Speaking of James Bond, there have been bets taking place in recent times over who will take over from Daniel Craig as the next secret agent. Various sportsbooks have been accepting wagers for such, and there’s a bet365 bonus code that you can use to place bets there on such. It also allows wagers on a variety of sporting events, too.

The Color of Money

In the mid-80s, Tom Cruise was just getting his acting feet properly wet, and he would star in The Color of Money by Martin Scorsese. Cruise links up with Paul Newman in the film to participate in pool hustling.

As a fun side fact, Adam Sandler appears in a new film about hustling, Uncut Gems. This one has been called out for its terrible portrayal of sports betting, though. And that’s even despite Sandler being acclaimed as a bona-fide actor in the film.

The Gambler

The title of this movie pretty much says it all, but be sure that you watch the 1975 version rather than the 2014 remake. James Caan plays a Harvard-educated professor. Even though he’s very skilled at his job, he also had a gambling addiction. He wins big, but proceeds and loses it all very quickly, too. It’s a great look into gambling in general, and how much of an effect it can have on people.


Keanu Reeves has acted in some great roles and made a complete mess of others (Bram Stoker’s Dracula, hello!). Alas, Hardball is one of those films that falls into the former category. In order to pay off debts owed through betting, he agrees to coach a Little League team in this film. Again, you get quite the compelling look into gambling in general, and Hardball features a young Michael B. Jordan and Diane Lane in pivotal roles, too.


Released in 1992, Diggstown centres on the world of boxing, and it has also gone by the title of Midnight Sting. The storyline basically sees a con man bet a small-town businessman, who is quite shady himself, that his own middle-aged boxer can defeat any ten men who are willing to get into the ring with him. James Woods and Louis Gossett Jr. take centre stage in this sports drama.

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