Top 3 Casino Movies

August 10, 2019
Las Vegas casinos have long been a source of inspiration for Hollywood blockbusters and gambling themed movies never fell from grace.

In recent years, UK casino & slots sites outshined their brick-and-mortar counterparts in every imaginable way, driving more traffic to online establishments including best online casino for Australian players. Having said this, Hollywood producers continue to pay just as much attention to land-based gambling parlours and casino films are immensely popular. Viewers can choose from a long list of films, but these top three casino movies are definitely worth watching.

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s casting as James Bond was regarded by some critics as a mistake, but only before he starred in Casino Royale. The movie was a huge hit and it is even today regarded as one of the best 007 movies ever made. It has developed a cult following and was enjoyed by casino lovers, as well as people with no interest in land-based or online gambling. The fact that James Bond played poker instead of baccarat also led to a surge in the popularity of online poker at leading Internet casinos.

Even though the theme of the movie was straightforward, stellar acting and great directing made it a pleasure to watch. The manner in which the world of highrollers was depicted and the slowly building tension at the poker table made Casino Royale a classic. The poker hands played by 007 and Le Chiffre were of course a bit exaggerated, but even professional players can forget this excess.

Ocean’s 13

Ocean’s 13 is another glamorous casino movie that is definitely worth watching. The film builds on the popularity of Ocean’s 11 and brings back into the spotlight some of the iconic characters. It has the merit of keeping players at the edge of their seats and interested in the plot, even though a similar story was told just a few years before.

Danny Ocean’s crew is back in action, this time uniting forces with its old foe, Terry Benedict. Both sides have a burning desire to exact vengeance upon Willy Bank and they plot a way of stealing some of his most cherished possessions. Ocean’s 13 tells the story in a funny and creative way and benefits greatly from its stellar cast, including Ellen Barkin. The fact that its creators found it worthwhile to add more sequels to the series, speaks volumes about how good this movie actually was.

Rain Man

Casino themed movies are usually about big money, highrollers and the glow and glitter of Las Vegas. Rain Man only touches these elements but at its core, it is a movie about family, incredible mental ability, but also about vulnerable people in a ruthless environment. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman perform remarkably in this amazing film that is still worth watching more than three decades after being filmed. Rain Man is a welcomed diversion for those who have watched dozens of casino themed movies and want to try something different without switching entirely to another genre.

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