The Legend of Ben Hall‘s Matthew Holmes calls Action on The Cost

April 21, 2021
The psychological revenge drama is currently in production in Melbourne.

“While revenge is a common theme in movies, it’s mostly presented as a positive thing. When the hero violently dispenses with the villain we clap and cheer with satisfaction. I wanted to make a cinematic experience that goes in the opposite direction – one that explores the emotional and mental consequences of carrying out a brutal act of vengeance in the name of justice,” says co-writer/director Matthew Holmes, who goes contemporary with his latest film The Cost after impressing with his last two features, period pieces Twin Rivers and The Legend of Ben Hall.”

Co-written with Gregory Moss, The Cost is set over 48 hours, tracking the consequences of an act of revenge that spirals out of control.

The cast includes Jordan Fraser-Trumble (The Legend of Ben Hall, West of Sunshine), Damon Hunter (The Party Bus, Neighbours) and Kevin Dee (Underbelly), with support from Joshua Jaeger (Twin Rivers), Cait Spiker (Romper Stomper TV show), Sotiris Tzelios (Sweet Country), Nicole Pastor (Water Horse), Adam Willson (The Legend of Ben Hall), Nadia Fragnito (The Artifice) and Mark Redpath (Quanta).

Producing with Holmes is Russell Cunningham of RLC Motion Picture Entertainment, with Adam La Rosa of La Rosa Productions (Rage) as Executive Producer, along with EPs Rohan Muggleton, Alexander Moss, Ross Angelo and Joshua Little. Cinematographer is Cable Williams (The Party Bus), Costume Design by Oriana Merullo (2067, Never Too Late) and Production Design by Lufan Chi, whilst Ronnie Minder composes the score.


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