The 7 Best Ever Casino Movies

February 9, 2022
Gambling stories are always thrilling and exciting to watch due to the drama and suspense they are about. Almost everyone will be excited in the atmosphere of someone risking it all just to hit it big, even when the chances and odds for that are against them. We very much enjoy watching to see if the desperate gamer gets lucky with his betting this time or his habit eventually leads to his downfall. Whether it ends good or bad for them, it's always enthralling.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of films about gambling due to the many twists and turns that can shape beautiful stories. However, we have curated and picked seven that we consider make up the most outstanding casino movies list. We consider them the best casino movies. They may be a bit out of line with what some may think should be or not be one of these below, but they are certainly all great choices to watch.

The movies feature a variety of gambling games from poker to slots, and you can even see pokies online NZ that you can play in real life.

The following are some instant watch options movies available.

The Gambler, hard eight, Cincinnati Kid, Rounders, Casino (1995), Ocean’s Eleven, 21, and High Roller; the Stu Ungar Story.

The Gambler (1974)

IMDb: The Gambler

This movie is a true story gambling movie by James Toback about his gambling addiction. The lead character, played by James Caan, is more addicted to his self-destruction than gaming. He even claims that the fun part about the game is losing and not winning. The uniqueness of this gambler’s situation makes it one of the greatest movies. His obsession finally leads him to the point where he stakes his own life on Russian Roulette without thinking twice.

Hard Eight (1996)

IMDb: Hard Eight

hard eight is Paul Thomas Anderson’s first and is one of the best movies about gambling. It is an expansion of his short film called Coffee & Cigarettes, centred around a Las Vegas casino. It is a sad narrative of a lonely man trying to survive Las Vegas until he meets some people who turn his world upside down. Hard eight features stars like John C. Reilly, Philip Baker Hall, Melora Walters, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel Jackson, and many others. Though it can’t compare to the best of PTA, hard eight deserves to be mentioned.

Cincinnati Kid (1965)

IMDb: Cincinnati Kid

A true classic even though sometimes compared to The Hustler, Cincinnati Kid is about poker, not pool hustling. Still, in my own opinion, it is an even better movie probably because these days people play more than pool games. It also has an excellent performance by Steve McQueen playing the role of “the kid”. Even though the movie is several years old, it still feels modern and relevant.

The Rounders (1998)

IMDb: The Rounders

Certainly, one of the best movies out there. This is a beautiful movie for both gaming lovers and even people who know nothing about gambling to enjoy. That is what distinguishes it from other productions and even those mentioned here. It excellently depicts the swagger and masculinity of being a full-time poker gamer in the nineties. Another amazing aspect of this film is that it has Matt Damon starring alongside John Malkovich, John Turturro, Martin Landau, Famke Janssen, and Bill Camp. All actors who turn this fictional world into something real and absorbing.

Casino (1995)

IMDb: Casino

In Casino, Robert De Niro plays as a gangster operating a mobbed-up casino trying to do things right until he is undercut by his friend (Joe Pesci) and a dubious woman – played by Sharon Stone – he should never have trusted. If you want to understand the inner intricacies of Las Vegas casinos, this Martin Scorsese drama is a must-watch for you. From this, you’ll see the difference in land-based pubs available online today.

The storyline captures the development of Sin City from seedy to sanitized over many years. Just like what he did with GoodFellas, the master filmmaker takes us on a ride to get a deep understanding of how the American criminal system works underground and how some people get crushed along the way.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

IMDb: Ocean’s Eleven

More often than not, film characters who are gamblers are depicted as pathetic and sorry tales. Steven Soderbergh here made his remake of the creaky Rat Pack caper into a big-time hit. In the opening scene, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, both superb players, square off at a casino table, giving an aura of the sleek and cocky Vegas Spirit, which is all about adult fun and less bad habits. The assembled all star cast playing Danny Ocean and his team and casino owner Willy, perfectly oozes the swagger real gamblers envy.

High Roller (2003)

IMDb: High Roller

One of the best biographical gambling movies ever, alternatively named Stuey, features Michael Imperioli playing the legendary Stu Ungar, the high roller known as the first and only professional poker player to win three WSOP main event tournaments.

This A.W Vidmer work is no super thriller, but it narrates the tale of a lad who once had it all. It shows the whole lifestyle of the player from beginning to end. He was narrating his heroic highs and his very saddening lows. He eventually loses most of his money, staking on horses. The tale of his bemusing rise to stardom is equally as mesmerizing and exciting as his rapid devastating fall to the grass.

Some other notable actors and producers you can find in the history of gambling productions include Barry Levinson and Jack Black.

You can also make real money and succeed, as shown in the movie. But to reduce the risks, you should play minimum deposit casinos that do not require large bankrolls and offer all the same best conditions.


The best gambling movies mentioned above are just a few of the many. Others worth checking out include; Money Heist, 21 (2008) featuring Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess, also known as professor, Sting by George Roy Hill, Croupier featuring Clive Owen. Another popular poker game production is Casino Royale which features Daniel Craig as James Bond. Note that this review does not guarantee that you will enjoy them as we all have our preferences.


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