Tasmanian Micro-Budget Feature Into the Waves is Chasing Distribution

February 15, 2018
Two brothers grapple with the loss of their mother in this new Australian drama.

Made through the masters program at AFTRS last year, Into the Waves is the directorial debut of emerging filmmaker Kyle Hedrick. Produced by Hedrick and Lola Alexander, it tells the story of two brothers hitch hiking across Tasmania to get to their mother’s funeral. Having already been profoundly affected by the death of their father at the ages of twelve and fourteen, they must now confront the loss of their sole remaining parent. As they journey, they must decide whether they will keep the family together or let it drift apart.

“This is a film I feel deeply connected to,” said Hedrick, who hails from Tasmania. “Where the wild Tasmanian landscape reflects the psyche of the film’s characters. I made this film because I have brothers, and I still struggle to understand them, and by making this film I hope to have come a little closer to understanding what we mean to each other.

“Yet I also wanted to show the Tasmania that I grew up in on screen; a cold hard place, full of both beauty and death, a place that cares nothing for your comfort. We deliberately shot this film in a raw handheld style, remaining at eye level with the characters at all times and emphasising the passing of time. Much of this film was influenced by the works of Kelly Reichardt and Wim Wenders.”

Shot on a tiny  budget of $30k over three weeks with a crew of six and two actors travelling through the back hills of Tasmania in a three-car convoy over three weeks, Into the Waves is currently prepping for the international festival circuit, as well as seeking distribution both domestically and overseas. Keep track of the project at Hedricks’ personal site.

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