Susie Porter to Star in the New Australian Short film, Beverly

October 12, 2017
Director Roma D’Arrietta's project is currently seeking funding in Indiegogo.

“Teenage Sam has a crush on his best friend’s mum, Beverly. She used to be the prettiest girl in the room, but now no one is paying her any attention. Life and its decisions have worn her down.

“Sam is an innocent, unintentional charmer besotted who yearns to connect and be understood. His best mate, the bullish, overweight, overindulged Dexter, is a gamer who shields his insecurities with bravado, and blames his mum for everything, big and small.

“In the stagnant fabric of Australian suburbia – a steamy half lit world in which time can stand utterly still – a firecracker incident forces the finely wrought pressure cooker to unleash, and Sam is compelled to make a difficult choice.”

The story of an odd love triangle set against the stagnant backdrop of middle class suburbia, Roma D’Arrietta’s next film, Beverly, is currently in pre-production. Susie Porter will star as the titular mum, who becomes the object of our POV character’s lust. The screenplay comes from Peter Fitzgibbon.

“We knew the story of Beverly absolutely had to be told. It was a perfect meditation on the challenges of disconnection and growing up in a digital world, and we could do it with a comic sensibility – so crowdfunding became crucial,” D’Arrietta said.

Porter said that she was attracted by the strong script and complex characters.

“There is so much to chew through both in Beverly the film and the character. When such an authentic story jumps out at you like this it’s hard to say no,” Porter said. “That it’s an independent team, working from grass roots funding, makes it an even more important project to support. Maintaining the rage is what keeps the industry going and  technology has presented both challenges and benefits.”

Jump over to the Indiegogo campaign to chip in a couple of bucks, and keep track of the production via the film’s Facebook page.


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