Suburban Mayhem

January 20, 2021

1 h 35 min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller | 2006

What drives a 19 year-old girl to plot to kill her own father?

Katrina Skinner is stuck in suburbia with her toddler daughter. Her brother Danny is in jail for murder. Her mother abandoned her years ago. The neighbors are scared of her. The police can’t keep up with her. Nobody can control her, but yet everybody’s trying.

Frustrated with her dad, who won’t mind his own business, Katrina misses her brother and desperately needs money for his appeal. But refusing to work a day in her life and about to be cut off financially by her dad, Katrina begins to covet the family inheritance. All she needs to do is convince one of her lovers to do the deed and remove her dear dad from the equation.

Suburban Mayhem is wild ride into youth culture, crime, sex and hormonal chaos, built on a kaleidoscope of flashbacks and testimonies fuelled by small town gossip.


Paul Goldman


Alice Bell


Jan Chapman, Leah Churchill-Brown

Prod. companies:

Australian Film Finance Corporation, Doll Australia, New South Wales Film & Television Office


Emily Barclay, Steve Bastoni, Laurence Breuls




Spanish, English

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