The Struggle is Real for Two Jobbing Actors in Method

July 4, 2017
Stella Adler never said anything about this.

From aspiring actors Jerome Velinsky and Tawni Bryant comes a series about aspiring actors. Slated for six 10-minute episodes in its first season, Method follows a pair of nascent thesps, Ryan and Emma, as they try to claw their way up the ladder of success. Velinsky and Bryant co-star,co-write, and co-direct. The cast is filled out by a range of Aussie notables, including Kaarin Fairfax, Petra Kalive, Jasper Bagg, Sarah Roberts, Frank Magree, and Don Bridges.

The makers of Method are currently seeking distro, and hopefully their recent win at Melbourne WebFest will give them a leg up in that department. In the meantime, keep track of the project on FB, and check out the trailer below.


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