Under My Skin Wraps – New Feature Made by Australians in LA

May 14, 2019
David O’Donnell’s feature debut starring an ensemble of actors who identify as non-binary or trans non-binary, including Australia’s Liv Hewson (pictured), has completed production.

Following a number of shorts, including the most recent, Picture Wheel, writer/director David O’Donnell headed Stateside and has just completed his debut feature, Under My Skin, described as an indie romantic drama.

The plot seems simple – ‘Ryan, a straight-laced lawyer, falls hard for Denny, an unconventional artist who questions their gender’ – but like the best indies, the approach is unique. Specifically, the lead character of Denny is played by an ensemble cast of actors who identify as non-binary, or trans non-binary: Liv Hewson (Santa Clarita Diet, Homecoming Queens), Bobbi Menuez (Nocturnal Animals, Transparent), and newcomers Lex Ryan and Chloe Freeman.

O’Donnell describes Under My Skin as “a complex love story for our generation”.

Whilst producer Raynen O’Keefe says that “the ensemble cast structure for Denny brings a multitude of perspectives to the experience of being non-binary.”

The impressive supporting cast also includes Alexis Denisof (Grimm, ‘the other’ in Avengers) and Australian Alex Russell (Jungle), who also produces.

Expect to hear more about the film soon.




  1. Nancy Huston

    Awesome. Hope it might make it’s way over here to the U.S. (yes, THAT U.S. – of which we are ashamed daily), maybe to cool movie theatres. Would love to see it!

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