Six Fascinating Movies to Watch With a Girl on a Romantic Date

April 4, 2021
Almost none of the scenarios of a romantic evening is complete without going to the cinema. Therefore, couples in love, who are not used to planning everything in advance, may not have time to buy the desired seats in the last row.

Don’t despair — the evening with Russian women dating can still be saved! After all, especially for such cases, we have prepared a selection of films that can create a romantic atmosphere of a half-empty cinema at home.

1.   Analyze This, 1999

The unfortunate, terrified psychiatrist has only a few days to help the mafia boss get rid of his depression. Comedy is a good option, especially if the starring role is performed by the handsome Robert De Niro. The film is positively charged and will provide a good evening, but it is unlikely to set you in a romantic mood.

2.   Sherlock Holmes, 2009

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are investigating the mysterious resurrection of an evil man, whom they helped to condemn to death and whose death they personally testified. There are a lot of chases and shooting in the film, but all the handsome men — Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law — do it. A side effect is that you have to compete with their charisma.

3.   Busanhaeng (Train to Busan), 2016

A Korean man is taking a little daughter to visit her mother. On the way, unexpected things happen, and a mysterious virus hits the country. Passengers on the Busan train will have to struggle to survive. And, perhaps, many could have been saved if not for the selfishness of some fellows sufferers, who are losing their human appearance from fear. It is not a very romantic film, but a good reason for protective hugs — like: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you.” It brings people closer.

4.   8 First Dates, 2012

In baffling cases, when a girl cannot imagine her life without beautiful love stories, you will need to resort to the help of a romantic comedy. The side effect is that you have to watch it too. For example, the story of how two strangers every morning mysteriously fell asleep in different places and woke up in the same bed.

5.   Sleeping Beauty, 1959

It is a Disney cartoon about how the princess pricked her finger with a spindle and fell asleep, and the handsome prince unspells her with a kiss. The film is so ancient that the girl might not have seen it. And the story is dreadfully romantic. As a side effect, you will be bored by this touchy-feely stuff.

6.   About Time, 2013

And finally, a film about what can and cannot be changed. The main character discovers the ability to travel through time. He decides to use this gift to improve his personal life and repeats one promising but failed date in the past until everything works out as it should. Nice, romantic mood, captivating plot, but not recommended if you are not ready to accept family values and think about serious relationships.



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