A Muslim Family Struggle Against Being Silenced in a New Short Film

March 16, 2018
A Muslim family struggles against Islamophobia in this debut short.

Having created content for the likes of Mercedes Benz, muun, Airbnb, Hyundai, VICE, and more, filmmaker Amy Tuxworth has now completed her first fiction short, Silenced.

Written by James Ward Breen, Silenced is set in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and follows a Muslim family dealing with the constant battle of Islamophobia and oppression in their neighbourhood.

Tuxworth was inspired after meeting a French-Albanian fashion designer in Marrakesh. “As we got to know each other she spoke about the reason she moved to Marrakesh. She comes from a Muslim family and since the recent ISIS attacks, she couldn’t bear to watch how much the Islamophobia was affecting her parents lives. This is where my inspiration for the script came from.”

Silenced stars Simon Elrahi, Alaa Sukkarieh, and Teresa Zaidan. Watch for it on the festival circuit.


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