Short Film of the Week: Blood Orange

April 17, 2020
The shiny veneer of Australian suburbia and its juicy secrets.

Writer/director M.P. Wills offers up a playfully perverse journey of self-discovery with his new short film, Blood Orange. Rahel Romahn stars as Eli, a blind man who, while tormented by the mysterious disappearance of his dog, is visited by a sadistic childhood friend (Matt Levett). The film is narrated by local screen legend Rod Mullinar.

When discussing his inspirations, Wills speaks of the interplay between visual lyricism and eccentric storytelling that has always captivated him.

“Thematically, I’ve always had this fascination with making things people might find unusual or strange, beautiful; the overlapping clash that happens when darkness, beauty, comedy, and violence are juxtaposed to form one absurd, singular idea. With Blood Orange, I wanted to explore these themes in a really visceral way; the contrast between beautiful depth in the visuals and the actual content of what is being conveyed to the audience. At the same time, we wanted to present something that steered away from all the social or political topics on the world climate and showcase a short film that was a little different; something that just sucked you into its own world.”

Blood Orange is Wills’ own concoction of striking visuals and vicious fun, blended together with a twist of the macabre.

Written/Directed: M.P. Wills

Cinematography: Kieran Fowler NZCS, ACS

Produced by: Sharath Ravishankar



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