SFF Closing Night Film Hearts Beat Loud Looks Like the Feel Good Movie of the Century

May 15, 2018
You can think of it as a Parks & Rec/Good Place crossover if you like.

Well, this looks just plain delightful. Nick Offerman’s record store may be failing, but he’s got more pressing issues – namely bonding with his studious daughter, played by Kiersey Clemons (Dope) before she heads off to college in California. The ex-muso does so by enforcing a weekly “jam sesh” with his musically gifted sprog, and when one of the jams he’s been surreptitiously recording starts getting some traction on Spotify, a whole new possible future opens up for the pair of them.

Look, we’re already in the bag for Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons is awesome, and when you add in Toni Collette as Offerman’s love interest/landlady and Ted frickin’ Danson as a wise bartender (!) we are so up for this.

Hearts Beat Loud is the Sydney Film Festival’s closing night movie, and will doubtless get a wider release down the track.

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