Serial Killer Thriller in Queensland

June 29, 2020
Ramrock Entertainment and filmmaker Scott D. Clark are shooting Him, starring Martin Grose, Madeleine Raven, Izzy Stevens and Mike 'Married at First Sight' Gunner.

“The idea for Him came from a serial killer here in Brisbane named Francis John Fahey, he murdered sex workers and dumped their bodies in public spaces,” says first time feature film director Scott D. Clark. “I heard about this particular story and the fact the killer was an ambulance office intrigued me, so I used it as a base for my story.”

Inspired by filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan (“I love his rigid shot styling”) and M. Night Shyamalan (“I have a twist in the film without giving too much away”), Clark is excited to tap into society’s obsession with true crime and serial killers, which he reckons is because “these individuals act without consequence. They are anomalies in the community and so we are pushed to see what makes them tick.”

Mainly set in Brisbane, there are scenes being shot in the US, which is where rising local actress Izzy Stevens (Occupation) is based.

“Izzy Stevens is playing the part of FBI Agent Maddison Wakefield. She is assisting the Aussie police in a criminal profile. Her character is central to any sequel,” says Clark. “With Covid, shooting in USA has been very difficult to organise. I have a dedicated 2nd unit crew in LA and am Directing Izzy’s scenes via zoom.”

“I’m so excited to be working on Him,” says Stevens. “Scott has a great vision for the project and it’s particularly amazing that I am able to be involved even as we’re on different sides of the world, which speaks to the creativity and determination of our director.”

An intriguing piece of casting is Mike Gunner, best known for his controversial appearance on Married at First Sight. “I met a lovely lady called Bec McMillan at the Sanctuary Cove Film Festival in November, where my mental health short film The Sky Is Falling screened there, and Bec assisted in putting me in contact with Mike,” sats Scott about the opportune casting.

“It’s an emotional role and that’s right in my wheelhouse,” says Gunner. “I’m a bit emotional at the best of times. Should be a really interesting and fun experience. I loved the story and it I think it will appeal to a wide audience.”

Him is currently holding an Indiegogo campaign, which you can contribute to here.


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