Season 2 of Netflix’s Iron Fist Looks Like a Marked Improvement

August 17, 2018
Yes, yes, low bar to clear...

The first season of Iron Fist was… less than loved. It had a surfeit of issues, and even if you’re not particularly fussed about problems like representation and cultural appropriation, you have to admit that the fight sequences were pretty naff – a big worry when your title character’s power is essentially “magical kung fu”.

The powers that be seem to have taken note, because the trailer for Season 2 goes out of its way to show our boy Danny Rand (Finn Jones) kicking ass in a more suitably cinematic way, and doing so in a get up reminiscent of his classic comic book costume (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage do fine in street threads but Iron Fist, like Daredevil, needs a costume to make him pop). Flashbacks also see another version of the classic outfit – hopefully Danny will fully commit to to superhero aesthetic before the final episode.

Those flashbacks also sketch out this season’s big arc, which sees Davos (British thesp Sacha Dhawan), a former fellow student of Danny’s, try and wrest the power of the Iron Fist from him. Kung fu ensues, because that is what we’re all here for. Also in the mix is Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) as Typhoid Mary, normally a Daredevil villain and a character we really hope gets her due – there are far too few crazy, telekinetic goth-punk assassins running around the MCU, and it’d be a shame to waste this one.

Iron Fist Season 2 hits Netflix on September 7, 2018. We really hope Luke Cage shows up.



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