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Screen Australian Funds Four New Docos for Untold Australia

July 4, 2017
Four new factual films looking at multicultural Australia are coming our way.

Four documentaries commissioned by SBS for Untold Australia season 3 will receive Screen Australia production funding: Mirrabooka from Periscope Pictures, Miss Lebanon from IKandy Films, The Cocos Question from Chemical Media and RARA RABBIS from Unicorn Films.

First airing in 2016, SBS’s Untold Australia is a one hour observational documentary strand that shines a light on various multicultural communities in Australia. Season one included the films Indian Wedding Race, Strictly Jewish and A Modern Mutiny, while season two saw SBS team with Screen Queensland to fund four VR projects from Queensland filmmakers.

Season three sees the project return to its original format, with four one hour films being produced.

Mirrabooka, from West Australian producer Alice Wolfe (Shock Art), focus on the specialist Mirrabooka Multicultural Unit, a police squad dealing with a melting pot community home to a vast number of cultures who speak over 100 languages.  Stuart O’Rourke (Struggle Street) and Sam Field (Shock Art) will direct.

Miss Lebanon, produced by  Janine Hosking (My Khmer Heart, Ganja Queen, 35 Letters) and Robin Eastwood (Who Do You Think You Are), goes behind the scenes of the 2017 Miss Lebanon Australia beauty pageant in Sydney.

RARA RABBIS, produced by Lizzette Atkins (Winter At Westbeth) and Rhian Skirving (Matilda and Me), follows the work of a group of Australian Chassidic Jewish Rabbis who travel through the Australian Outback to find hidden communities of ‘lost Jews’ and offer them an opportunity to reconnect with their heritage.

The Cocos Question, produced by Tony Jackson, written by David Collins and Jackson, and directed by Ben Pederick, which looks at the remote Cocos Islands and the two cultures who live there: one, descendants of Christian British colonialists; the other, Sunni Muslim Coco Malays.

“SBS is thrilled to partner once again with Screen Australia to share these compelling stories, which explore some our country’s unknown subcultures and lesser-known communities that are often overlooked and give Australian audiences an opportunity to gain a greater understanding and insight into their world,” said Marshall Heald, SBS Director of Television and Online Content. “Heart-warming, eye-opening and relatable, Untold Australia invites all Australians to witness the intimate moments and challenges faced by these real-life characters and demonstrates SBS’s commitment to increasing awareness of the contribution a diversity of cultures has to the continuing development of modern Australian society.”



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