Sam Worthington’s Going Through Some Weird Changes in The Titan

March 22, 2018
Getting tired of waiting for those Avatar sequels, Wortho's off to a different moon.

In a bleak but increasingly familiar future we’ve screwed the environment to the point where off world colonisation seems like the only card left to play. Saturn’s moon of Titan seems like the best bet, and so military man Sam Worthington volunteers to be the first to take the big trip, undergoing rigorous training and what appears to be some kind of biological engineering to boot.

Messing around in the genes like that never goes well in things like this, plus Tom Wilkinson’s scientist looks a bit shifty, and it isn’t long before Wortho is looking more – or less – human than human, much to the consternation of his wife (Taylor Schilling – Orange is the New Black). Wortho’s put his life on the line for humankind, but will it come at the cost of his own humanity?

Coming to Netflix on March 30, The Titan cold go either way. Director Lenart Ruff is an unknown quantity, and this is another SF film that Netflix has scooped up the global rights to, foregoing theatrical distribution, a practice that has had mixed results. Still, if horror-tinged science fiction is your jam, this is probably worth a look-in.

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