Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America? Hits Stan Next Week

July 10, 2018
The once and no doubt future Ali G is back with six new characters.

The Stan/Showtime deal continues to reap dividends for Australian viewers, with the latest win being the news that controversial comedian Sascha Baron Cohen’s new series, Who is America?, kicks off on Sunday, July 15, with new episodes dropping weekly, the same day as the US.

Baron Cohen has apparently been working on the seven episode show, his first TV series in over a decade, for the past year. The aim is to. “…explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural spectrum, who populate the unique nation.”

So, reading between the lines, we’re guessing this is a talk show with Baron Cohen, in character, covertly but savagely mocking his guests. It’ll be interesting to see how this schtick plays out in 2018. For one thing, one would hope we’d be a bit more savvy regarding his whole “comedian in disguise” bit. For another, in this age of wokeness, his penchant for playing across ethnicities and sexualities might not go down too well – Borat and Bruno might not be as problematic as Chris Lilley’s Jonah from Tonga (or they might be – you tell us) but they’re on the same spectrum.

Still, if you’re in the mood the be amused, outraged, or both, episode one drops at 3pm this Sunday.

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