Ryan Gosling Finds a Horde of Creepy Kids in This New Blade Runner 2049 Clip

September 12, 2017
Are they replikids?

So here’s a thing: judging from this clip, 2049 definitely follows on from the Director’s Cut/Final Cut rather than the original release version. How can we tell? Well, do you see any trees?

Anyhoo, in the first official non-trailer clip from Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming sequel, we see Ryan Gosling’s Officer K venturing out beyond the megalopolis to find some kind of sweatshop being run by The Walking Dead‘s Lennie James. To what purpose? Heck if we know, but given our previous ponderings, we have to wonder if that child workforce is comprised of humans or replicants (or, philosophically, if there’s any difference. Ooh, deep.)

Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 5, 2017.

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