The Struggle is Real in the Trailer for Aussie Sitcom Rostered On, Coming to Netflix Next Month

March 20, 2018
Just because they serve you, doesn't mean they like you. Or something like that.

Comparisons to Kevin Smith’s Clerks are inevitable because, well, if you’re gonna wax comical about the sheer hellish drudgery that is working customer service/retail, that flick is gonna be a key data point in any discussion. Still, we could also point to the criminally underrated Chuck which, when it wasn’t a comedy about a bumbling spy, was a workplace comedy about the cadre of weirdos who staffed a generic big box store. So, if you want a shorthand description, Rostered On is Clerks by way of Chuck, but Australian.

Written and directed by Ryan Chamley, Rostered On began life as an indie web series about Shaun (Paul Moore, Winners and Losers) a 30-something stuck in a dead-end retail job he hates, dealing with painful customers, clichéd co-workers, and taking orders from the ignorant. Co-starring Doug Lyons, Diana Brumen, and Lliam Murphy, the pilot was released on April 4, 2016, before the first episode of the full series hit YouTube on April 4, 2017.

Now on April 4, 2018 (must be something auspicious about that date) Rostered On will be exclusive to Netflix and, what’s more, a second season is going into production in Melbourne from May, a co-production between Robot Army and Ruby Entertainment, with support from Screen Australia.

“The main storyline of Rostered On is based on my own life experience, working in a multitude of retail stores whilst
trying to get my filmmaking career off the ground. Ball breaking customers, managers that lived and breathed the
corporate culture and expected you to do the same, the staff gossiping and the overarching theme of money is
everything. I hated it whilst there and always thought it would make for a really relatable and funny as hell show!
Being first time filmmakers, we just had to get out there and make it, and that’s what we did! It acted as therapy
writing and from all accounts it’s like therapy watching it.” said Chamley.

Keep track of the development of the second season over at the official Facebook page.

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