Outcast Season 2

April 10, 2017

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Outcast remains the best TV show you’re currently not watching.

Outcast Season 2

Anthony O'Connor
Year: 2017
Rating: MA15+
Director: Tricia Brock

Patrick Fugit, John Glenister, Brent Spiner, Wrenn Schmidt, Kate Lyn Sheil, Madeleine McGraw

Distributor: Foxtel
Released: April 10, 2017
Running Time: 45 minutes x 10 episodes
Worth: $18.00

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…Outcast remains the best TV show you’re currently not watching…

While The Walking Dead takes a break until later in the year, comic book wunderkind Robert Kirkman’s other adapted property, Outcast is ready to unleash its second season. Outcast’s story is a smarter, more intimate portrait of a small, working class town infested by a plague of demons. Although the concept of what a demon actually is, and how organised religion may be wrong in its assessment of the same, is the meaty subtext that gives Outcast its provocative point of difference to other possession stories.

When we last saw Kyle (Patrick Fugit) he was leaving Rome, West Virginia, with his daughter, Amber (Madeleine McGraw) after encounters with the devilish Sidney (Brent Spiner). The road trip scenario doesn’t last long, however, as Kyle realises the demons are spread wider and further than first imagined. Kyle heads back home to get help from the increasingly unhinged, Reverend Anderson (John Glenister) who has problems of his own…

The first two episodes of Outcast season two drip with mood and atmosphere, with implications that Kyle’s ability to fight demons is part of a far reaching and layered narrative we’re thus far only getting tantalising hints of. What exactly are these demons and why are they here? Is their agenda evil or simply pragmatic? And if religion has misunderstood the nature of demons where does that leave a priest who is already struggling with his faith?

Outcast remains the best TV show you’re currently not watching, so if you like your horror stories gripping with a side order of subtext, you’d be doing yourself a profound disservice by missing this moody masterpiece.

Outcast season 2 starts airing Monday April 10 on FX.

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