Nice Package

December 9, 2016

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"...this low budget affair sparkles when it matters..."

Nice Package

John Noonan
Year: 2016
Rating: MA
Director: Dan Macarthur

Dwayne Cameron, Isabella Tannock, Leon Cain

Distributor: Pinnacle
Released: Available now
Running Time: 98 minutes
Worth: $15.50

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…this low budget affair sparkles when it matters…

Professional thief, Frostie (Dwayne Cameron), is having a very bad day in this Aussie crime caper by cinematographer, Dan Macarthur, making his feature length debut as director. Whilst stealing a package from a palatial home, Frostie is forced to take a hostage when he’s caught in the act by Michelle (Isabella Tannock). Taking shelter at the home of his friend, Brian (Leon Cain), Frostie comes to find that a lot of people also want the package.

Nice Package plays out like a Guy Ritchie flick. We have a McGuffin in the shape of a mysterious parcel, and various characters – including misogynistic thugs, cat stroking mob leaders, and shifty businessmen – all wanting to get hold of it. It’s perhaps no surprise then to find that Nice Package is largely a comedic affair with the majority of the laughs coming from Cain’s Brian, who despite all the drama around him, finds it all to be just one big adventure. He even has time to amass a global following on twitter whilst he dodges bullets. It’s just a shame about the dated gay jokes that come attached with him too. More successful, and appropriate, are the shots fired at the tropes that we’ve become accustomed to in these kind of capers. It’s no Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but the way in which Nice Package plays around with voiceover and meta-references is a nice touch.

Elsewhere, it’s clear that Macarthur is making the most of his experience as a cinematographer to ensure that this low budget affair sparkles when it matters, even when the pacing is hit and miss. Confident in what it wants to achieve, and just about getting away with it on the basis of its lead trio, Nice Package is at its best when it wants to make you smile.


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