January 2, 2017

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"...incredibly silly..."


John Noonan
Year: 2016
Rating: M
Director: John Moore

Pierce Brosnan, James Frecheville, Anna Friel, Michael Nyqvist

Distributor: Defiant!
Released: January 5, 2017
Running Time: 95 minutes
Worth: $5.00

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…incredibly silly and not even slightly in a fun way.

Pierce Brosnan plays Mike, a business mogul who has everything; a fast car, a big house and a beautiful wife played by Anna Friel. When his IT adviser, Ed (Aussie James Frecheville), gets him out of a jam during an important presentation, Mike offers him a modicum of hospitality, inviting him to come over for beers and to fix his wi-fi. Unfortunately, Ed takes advantage of this perfunctory act of gratitude and uses it to start stalking Mike’s daughter, Kaitlyn (Stephanie Scott).

In psychological thrillers which involve a disturbed individual becoming obsessed with someone else, the audience can sometimes forgo a bit of subtle storytelling. For example, if someone stares a little too long at the hero, it’s just accepted as shorthand for ‘This is our antagonist and things are going to fall apart.’ I.T., the latest film from A Good Day to Die Hard’s John Moore, is so over the top that it’s hard to tell if the whole thing is a commentary on the very nature of psychological thrillers.

Wiring up Mike’s house with intrusive security measures – that the aforementioned seems to have no qualms about having installed – Ed watches on from his own home that looks like it hasn’t been upgraded since he saw The Matrix. As Frecheville pogos around his cyberpalace to industrial music, he begins to make life extremely difficult for Mike and his family; sending out upsetting emails and nude videos of Kaitlyn.

At times, I.T. feels like it was created by people who fear technology. Mike, at the behest of IT expert Henrik (Michael Nyqvist), soon strips himself of his electronic gadgets as the film hurtles towards a caveman showdown that sees the already terribly underused Friel scream from the sidelines in her underwear. It’s all incredibly silly and not even slightly in a fun way.

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